Your Dose of Saturday Morning Cute

Reggie took this picture yesterday while I was at work. What a crazy kitty. I remember when he was younger and Reggie told me he would be doing stuff like this someday. They grow up so fast.


It’s small, but can you see Chester there standing on top of the clothesline pole? He seems to think he is a bird.

Off to day shift #2 I go! Going to stop for a coffee first though Smile Yesterday I had four unfortunate coffee mishaps. So, I’m hoping today is more successful:

  • 1 I spilled my first coffee before leaving home
  • 2 I stopped at Designer Cafe and got a coffee (something I don’t usually do, I pretty much always bring coffee from home). I made a mistake and forgot to tell the lady to use sugar free french vanilla. So I ended up giving this coffee away to a co-worker!
  • 3 I made the coffee maker at work implode with steam and the coffee grinds went everywhere.
  • 4 When I tried to use the coffee maker again, there was not enough to make a full pot of coffee
  • 5- I finally bought a coffee from the hospital kiosk and all was well

Wish me good luck with all things coffee this morning!

The 5th Day

Today was my fifth day off before heading back to my usual set at work. I normally feel a compulsion on my fifth day off to do all of 3 things: relax, be productive, and take care of anything I neglected to do over the previous 4 days. Obviously relaxing and being productive aren’t very copasetic. Today I decided to make the most of my last day off by hiking with my friend Ashlee.

I fuelled myself before and during the hike with one of the homemade GRAINola bars I made last night from the Looneyspoons Collection cookbook that I have been recently overusing. They are made of assorted yum-ites (yep, made that word up) including: oats, pumpkin, cinnamon, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, seeds etc.


Yes, that is Cooper silently dreaming of eating one of the last 2 granola bars. I made a 9 by 13 pan of these less than 24 hours ago, and they have virtually dwindled to nothing. Some people have a problem with baking because it goes to waste. Reggie and I? We do not have this problem.

The trails were still quite muddy for a hike today, but we went for it anyway. I think that this trail system would be awesome on a really nice day when everything is dry. I enjoyed myself, and Cooper was simply loving life. Here are some shots from the day:




Coop and me by the waterfall; likely the highlight of the hike!


Is it just me or do I look more tall than usual in this picture?


What do you do after a hike? You eat fruit and enjoy a spritzer that’s what!


For supper Reggie and I had lemon-dill baked chicken (again another Looneyspoons recipe) with sides of sweet potato fries and asparagus. I’m officially tired of asparagus, but I needed to finish it up. We had bought a massive bunch of it from Costco. The below picture is an up-close shot of the sweet potato fries to show my Mom and Sister that I don’t ALWAYS burn them.


Ok , ok, that was taken before I even put them in the oven Rolling on the floor laughing

Finally, to finish off this post, a fashion oriented photo. A while back Reg and I went to one of his co-workers houses to have supper. Here was my attire:


My Mom bought me this cute red dress at Smart Set. Thanks Mom! Smile 

Happy Thursday Evening everyone!

Back On Track

Since I arrived home vacation I feel like I’ve been a little “off track” with my eating habits. See Exhibit A.

Exhibit A


But hey, it’s all about moderation right? I made the above cookies for the baby shower I hosted earlier in the week. They are ginger molasses cookies infused with peanut butter. Mmmm…. sounds enticing, no? They are from the Looneyspoons Collection cook book that I mentioned in the past. One of the perks of hosting the shower? Many leftover treats! The downside? A few elevated blood glucose levels. Oops! I’m not perfect.

This morning I woke up to a cuddly little creature in my bed:


Ha! Nope, Reggie was already at work when I awoke. Here’s the true photo:


Oh Chessy, so unpredictable. He’s either somewhat into cuddles or he is like a grumpy old man who only wants to be left alone (no ageism intended). I like it when he is half asleep, and in a somewhat intoxicated state. This is when he lets me pick him up and really get a good cuddle on.

After some honey/natural peanut butter on an english muffin for breakfast, I headed to the basement for an interval workout from Courtney at See it here. I decreased the interval length to 30 seconds from 45.

Then Coop and I went for a walk in the rain. The trees were just shelter enough to keep us pretty dry though.


I love how green the grass is getting! Spring time is so refreshing.

The fruit trees in our yard are all beginning to bloom. Check out the pretty blossoms on one of our peach trees. They smell really great too! :


Another sure sign of spring foliage; Forsythia!


I cut a few pieces off of our Forsythia bush about a week and half ago, and it bloomed early inside our home.

Before I hit the hay (go to bed in Ciara language) I wanted to let you in on a new product that I love. My friend Ashley gave it to me for Christmas. It is called Pajama Paste from FHF or Farmhouse Fresh.


(image via

I have found that many products make a lot of promises, so I don’t tend to expect too too much. However, this face mask (which is 99.6% natural!) has had notable results. I have definitely noticed a decrease in redness, and my skin seems to have a more even appearance (it temporarily “shrinks” pores). It smells good, and I love the slight tingle it causes. I also like that it only needs to stay on for about 15 minutes. Check it out at Made You Blush is a chain of make-up and beauty supply shops that originated near my hometown in New Brunswick. It is a ladies paradise in there. 

Tomorrow I plan to go for a hike (weather permitting, it seems like its been raining for days!) and to get in a good lower body workout. Nighty Night!

Long Drive? No Problem (and more)

I recently completed a lovely six hour drive. The trip actually flew by and I couldn’t believe when I was already getting close to home. I took note of the things I did to help pass the time so I could share them with you!


Pre-trip I downloaded a number of podcasts including: The Jillian Michaels Show, Sex Nerd Sandra and Vinyl Cafe Stories from CBC Radio. Podcasts keep my mind busy, and before I knew it a couple hours were already gone by!


Click on the above images to check out the iTunes page for the podcasts (images via Google).

Music (a no brainer)

My main tunes for this road trip were definitely those produced by Nicki Minaj in the form of her latest album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. This album also provides good workout tunes.


(photo via Google)

Call a Friend

Kids, remember to use a hands free device when talking and driving. I talked to my friend Denise, and an hour quickly passed before I knew it. We are both tying the knot this summer, so there was definitely some wedding talk going down. I recommend calling a friend you don’t see or talk to often. There is more to catch up on, and time will pass! I use my iPhone ear buds to talk on the phone while driving. I once heard that it wasn’t legal, and am still yet to look into it Thinking smile

Denise & Me in our university days


Travel Comrades

On this particular drive home I took note of how I normally develop travel buddies on long driving trips. I don’t mean someone who actually drives with me though. I mean the person that I play follow the leader with. When they pass I pass, or when I pass they pass. When I am the “follower” I often wonder if the person I am following thinks I am a crazy person, and if I am the person being “followed” I often wonder if someone is stalking me. My favourite part of travel camaraderie is when one of us exits off the highway and there is a possible wave of acknowledgment between two strangers, Goodbye travel friend! Enjoy the rest of your journey!

Fave Beverage

I think enjoying one of your favourite bevvys while driving is key, even more so if it is a stimulating one like coffee or sugar-free red bull. It just makes the trip more enjoyable, no? That is, until it leads you to the next point:

Bathroom Stops

These are a necessary component of road trips, but can really cramp your style. Why not time bathroom stops with snack stops, or mealtimes?


I like nuts, or granola bars. They are easy. I packed a little lunch for driving this time, which cut down on pit stops. I recommend snacks with some protein for staying power.

Prime Time for Daydreams (while staying alert, and driving safely, of course)

One of the benefits of driving long distances is that you also get a substantial amount of daydreaming done. I made a few wedding plans, among other things. It was nice since I may not have taken the time to ponder such things if I hadn’t been driving aimlessly.

Alright—> Enough road-trip business.

I just finished my four shift rotation at work and have five day stretch of freedom ahead of me. I don’t have many plans other than a hike with a friend, and tomorrow I am hosting a baby shower for a friend and co-worker (MAJOR housecleaning to ensure tonight)…(possibly with wine drinking involved). I am even considered this aerobic housecleaning my exercise for today.

One of my favourite moments at work this past rotation included an IV victory da-da-daaaaaaa.


(image via Google)

There is one Doc with whom I work that never fails to be present when I am about to attempt an IV insertion. A patient with not-so-great veins needed an IV, and of course Dr. Always Present during Ciara’s IV attempts arrived soon after to watch, right on schedule. On three previous occasions I have been unsuccessful with IVs attempts with him at the bedside. This time I was determined to prove myself, and my IV capabilities. Well did I get that IV.?? Yes. Yes I did. Damn straight.

Dr. Always Present During IVs frequently shows us cool YouTube videos. This past set he showed me a 20/20 clip about a woman who had lost both arms in an electrical accident. Talk about overcoming adversity! Here it is:

video from

Enjoy your Sunday Smile

Yam or Sweet Potato?

My visit to NB is coming to an end. Tomorrow morning I will be heading back home to Nova Scotia. It’s so nice to know that Reggie will be home when I get there. In the past, leaving New Brunswick has been difficult because I travelled for hours back home to an empty apartment or house (Reggie was working away at the time). Now I will be travelling home knowing that he will be there, along with the other 2 men in my life:


Yesterday I met up with my good friend Ashley. We went on our version of a hike. We set out with great intentions, but could not find our way. So we trekked back down the hillside and home again. It was fun nonetheless, and we decided this type of thing was typical for us.

Where are we?


Oh yes! I know where we are. We’re good.


Last night my sister and I had supper at Mom and Brian’s place. Mom had quite the delicious spread made for us including one of our fave appys:


Artichoke and Asiago Dip with Crusty bread. Mmmmm! Really, who doesn’t like this stuff? I mean, I really did need to re-fuel after the gruelling hike Ashley and I went on Winking smile

For the main course we had:


Greek Pasta salad, sweet potato and chicken! All very tasty. I actually went back for more after this, and then had some triple-berry trifle for dessert.

My sister has been feverishly writing papers. One of her most recent being about the process of harvesting yams in Papua New Guinea Disappointed smile I know, how stimulating! When we were dishing up the sweet potatoes, someone called them Yams, and I proclaimed that I thought they were really the same thing. Jill said “Well, I did just do a paper about this, and you see, Yams are different because they are actually root vegetables.” Did I mention before that we grew up on a potato farm?

Jill admitted to her mistake, and we felt she was simply having a bit of a mental slip at the time. Anyway, it cracked me up. So just so you know: The difference between a yam and a sweet potato is that a yam is a root vegetable and a sweet potato is a tuber. *insert sarcasm. I guess there is actually a slight difference, I’m just not aware of what it is yet.

Fast forward to today.

Mom and Jill made some lovely Facebook events related to our upcoming nuptials. Both Mom and Jill speak out load when they are typing. So I kept hearing Mom rehearse the opening sentence of the event, and Jill rambling about yams or something (not really). But anyhow, it was entertaining. Love you guys Smile

Mom and I also went on a nice 5 mile speed walk. My legs are a bit longer than hers. It was a nice chance to chat about the wedding. When we got home I did one of Jillian Michael’s kickboxing workouts and then procrastinated showering for about an hour and a half. Does anyone else feel a little too lazy to shower directly after a workout? Or is the rest of the world ready to wash that sweat right off? I think I like to marinate in it, get a real good salty glaze going on. Too much? Yes. I’m done.

Have a good Sunday evening!

Road Trip

I travelled to my homeland (New Brunswick) for a weekend visit with family and friends. I had not made the journey home since August last year, so a visit was probably slightly overdue. 


Safety Note: Do not take pictures while driving. It is unsafe.

The drive to my first destination, my sister Jill’s apartment, was about 5 hours and just before arriving my insulin pump decided to go on the fritz. When I tried to dial in an amount of carbs I was eating it would scroll like a maniac through 0-300 over and over again. Then one of the buttons stopped working completely Disappointed smile I did not have back up syringes either. Oops. Typical me. I know better, and have actually gotten better at bringing back up supplies along (excuses, excuses).

When I got to Jill’s place I called the Medtronic Pump peeps, who were super helpful, and I already have the new pump at my disposal. The button problem cannot be fixed. The pump is also no longer under warranty. So it looks like I’m in the market for a new pump. I have been researching the Medtronic Paradigm VEO pump. It has automatic low suspend, handy for if you go low in the night and don’t hear/feel your alarms. It will suspend your basal for a period of time. Cool!

We picked up some syringes, to keep me going until my backup pump arrived, and then headed to The Snooty Fox for some eats. I had salmon, veggies and rice. The salmon was topped with pesto and goat cheese with a drizzle of maple syrup. I had not had this combo before but it was soooo good. I will be trying to replicate it at home for sure.



Jill had her fave, nachos topped with pickles. I sampled it a number of times. I really liked the pickles idea.

photo (2)

I took the picture a bit too early.

photo (1)

There that’s better!

So, to mix things up I decided to interview my “little” brother, Jake. He has recently become a fitness fiend. I figured it’s an interesting way to have a look into the 16 y/o psyche Laughing out loud


  • What is your favourite thing about being fit?

“Hmmm…. I had this memorized last night, just give me a minute. The feeling you get when you leave the gym is probably one of the best feelings in the world. I love how I don’t have to get motivated, like, when other people find that they have to make themselves go. I love going, it just comes naturally. I get mad when I don’t get to go on a day I planned to.”

“You could go to the gym with something bothering you, having a bad day, or stressed out, and you leave feeling a lot better.”

  • What initially made you start gyming it?

“A couple of summers ago I lived with my sister and trained with a professional trainer to get better at hockey, and I basically fell in love with the gym.”

  • Gym pet peeve?

“People with bad form. Ahh.. Or something getting in the way of your workout.”

  • What’s your favourite exercise?

“Ohhh…I’d say…Can I say a group of exercises?” “Compound exercises, barbell squats, and deadlifts. ‘Cause they work better than isolation exercises. For example a barbell curl.”

  • What does “compound exercise” mean?

“It’s where you use a combination of muscle groups to do a movement. Isolation means where you are focusing on one muscle.”

  • Can you teach me how to deadlift? I hurt my knee trying to the other day.


  • How much can you deadlift?

“Like my one rep max? Umm like 325 lbs”

  • What is your least favourite exercise?

“Isolation exercises. They aren’t as great for mass”

  • What is your favourite healthy food?

“My favourite pre-workout is probably some type of pasta, and my favourite post-workout is probably steak and taters. My favourite snack is probably cottage cheese”

  • Do you have a favourite protein shake mix?

“When I’m in a hurry I usually just throw in water and protein. If I have time I usually put like frozen berries, egg whites, oatmeal, ahhhhh, protein ahhhh, sometimes almonds.”

  • Favourite workout song?

“Probably the good ol’ classic..Oh what’s it called….the one by Eminem. Lose it?”

  • Who is your favourite athlete?

“P.K. Subban. He plays defence for Montreal. He is flashy. I play defence too. He plays on my favourite team. He’s good.”

  • What are your post-high school plans?

“Lately been thinking about going into Kinesiology. I don’t know what to do with it yet. Maybe a trainer or something”

And there you have it! A little Q&A with Jakey-poo.

That’s it for now! I know I have been lacking in posts lately, but I haven’t had a decent internet connection for the past few days.I may post again very soon!

Ciara’s Tips for Wedding Planning

Although we are still in planning mode, I feel like I have learned a few valuable online and offline tips and I’m going to share them with you. Smile

1. Wedding Related Websites

Green Wedding Shoes

photo (6)

Style Me Pretty

photo (2) & helped when I was looking for decor ideas, bridesmaid ideas, invite ideas, hair ideas and the list goes on. They show beautiful pictures of real weddings. Beware of INFORMATION OVERLOAD. I certainly did have this, and found myself overwhelmed and a bit stressed. There is so much information available that I couldn’t focus myself and had lists written everywhere. I eventually decided to take a break from sites in order to focus my own personal style, and then started looking at them again for guidance.

Linen Tablecloth – Affordable Elegance


My cousin Whitney told me about this website. From what I know, it is a reliable website, and frequently has sales. A few examples of what this site has to offer include: chair covers, table cloths (Nooo..really, you don’t say!), napkins etc. The pricing is very reasonable as well.  


photo (3)

Etsy is probably my personal favourite site for wedding plans. I have both ordered from it and used it as inspiration for DIY projects. In my experience, this site has been very reliable. It is basically a bunch of online shops and boutiques. You can read about each of the shop owners and see feedback about their past transactions. A few things I have bought from Etsy include: my bouquet wrap, our guestbook and photo booth props. Seriously a great site, if even used simply for ideas. Note* There are so many cool ideas for guest books out there. Check em’ out!


photo (7)

I don’t think I need to explain what Pinterest is, considering how popular it is right now. It is definitely chalk full of wedding inspiration. Check out my wedding inspiration page at

Brooklyn Bride –

photo (5)

I recently read about this blog in a BRIDES magazine. Again, it is useful for planning a modern-style wedding. I have already finished and sent most of my invites. However, this blog had a recent post about “Swell and Grand Printables” which is actually a shop on Etsy.

Using Swell and Grand, you can download one of the many very pretty invitation/RSVP/info card templates for only 15.00 to 25.00 dollars! That is awesome. Then use your own home printer to do ‘em up. I printed my own and trust me, it is EASY! Here is link for the Swell and Grand Esty shop I would love to hear if any of you decide to go this route.

2. Make A Wedding Website

photo (4)

We used to make our site. There is a monthly fee if you wish to have all the website capabilities (like the online RSVP option). We chose to go this route as a way to provide information about accommodations, the wedding party, and as a means to save on stamps. I did mail out RSVP cards to those who I felt may not be very online savvy.

3. Utilize Twitter

photo (1)

If you have never tried Twitter, you should. I love it. Many have the misperception that it is only a series of status updates, but this is not the case. Twitter is a means of sharing information. You “follow” people on twitter. When you post something it is called a “tweet” that your followers can see. In terms of using Twitter for your wedding, you can follow wedding-wise people such as @MarthaWeddings or @theknot.

4. Get in a Healthy State of Mind

Like many brides, I want to look and feel my best on the big day. I have been striving to exercise regularly and eat healthfully. A wedding in itself is a great motivator, but there are other things that can help too.

You could join a bootcamp class. The positive energy of a class full of people is always helpful.

Start a workout program—> Do the 30 Day Shread by one of my faves Jillian Michaels. Try a wedding workout. I do one from The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises. It’s an 8 week program to get you into wedding shape, focusing on the arms, hips and legs (important wedding areas) Winking smile

Surround yourself with all things healthy. For examples—> read health and fitness magazines (I like Women’s Health) or blogs like Have healthy food stocked at home, or follow @FitFluential on Twitter.


When it comes to planning YOUR wedding, remember to Please Yourself first!

Reggie and I started out planning a wedding at a winery with a reception at a hotel. We visited both places, and were knee deep in the planning process before we both confessed to each other that we would really like to do this at our own home, in our backyard. Be honest with each other from the start. It makes it easier!

Don’t let pleasing others get in the way. This is your day. While planning our ceremony, our officiant asked me if we were trying to please anyone. At first I thought this was a weird question. Then I thought about it more. There are instances where you do things in your wedding to keep people happy. There may even be a few instances in our own that we are doing this; however, it does not sacrifice the integrity of what we have planned for our day.

I’ll finish with a couple questions:

  • If you are already married, what were your favourite and least favourite parts of the planning process?
  • If you are in the planning phase, do you have any useful planning tips to share?

Have a great day. Here’s a dose of cute with Little Coop/Big Coop in the grass.

little coop bigcoop

Diabetes Easter Haul

Good Morning All.

photo (44)

I mean Good Afternoon. Don’t I look like it’s the morning despite this though? Note* this photo was actually taken a couple days ago, but I look a lot like this now. My hair may be a tad more on the grease-tastic side though.

Back to the post—>I remember my first Easter with Diabetes. I had just been diagnosed in March, and was 11 years old. How cruel of nature to spring this on me before one of childhood’s best holidays. I survived though. Then, come October, I survived Halloween.

I thought I would share with you my diabetic friendly Easter 2012 gifts from Reggie.

photo (41)

What a good man he is, buying me all this diabetic friendly stuff. A banana, an apple, a juice box, urinalysis strips, Splenda artificial sweetener, glucose tabs and a gift certificate for the Wilfred Brimley’s Online Diabetes store. All basic everyday needs for us diabetics on Easter. We do not touch the chocolate. It is not part of our strict diet.

Who am I kidding. This is my REAL Easter Haul.

photo (42)

I’ve been wanting this cookbook for a while, so I bought it the other day and suggested Reggie add it to my Easter stuff this morning. He picked up the fitness mag, and yummy chocolate treats for me. Now that is a good man; not falling inline with the stigma of “no sugar ever” diabetes.

You see, I will not eat large amounts of this chocolate at once. It will likely last a long time and be shared (especially that large Reese egg). I feel I am usually a healthy eater. I have “treats” or I “cheat” (as some like to say Thinking smile) on some occasions. I don’t think anyone should call it “cheating”. For example, there is natural sugar in apples. Am I cheating if I eat one of those? Do you follow Canada’s Food Guide to a tee? HA! You too are cheating my friend.

I’m not perfect. I’m pretty sure the perfect diabetic does not exist. If he or she does, that is AWESOME, but I hope he or she loosens up and has some fun once in a while!

You can see my Easter weekend continuous glucose monitoring has hovered a bit above or around the upper limit of my set range for blood glucose levels. photo (45)

Could be because of a little too much awesome Steven’s Family “Birthday Cake.”

photo (40)

It is so so good. So glad I am entitled to know the Secret Recipe.

On a healthier note, I completed a good workout today including treadmill running and a total body workout. I made sure to stretch adequately and eat some protein at breakfast to ward off post-workout partial paralysis.

photo (43)

The protein was in egg form. I scrambled two eggs and mixed in some green pepper, onion and shredded cheese. Next I placed the mixture on a wrap and topped with salsa. I must say, I truly wanted to top it with ketchup. I ended up ditching the wrap because the eggs were a little on the runny side and I couldn’t stomach a damp tortilla. The scramble was still satisfying on it’s own.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend. Reg and I are going to have a chill night, involving a viewing of the Muppets and last night’s SNL featuring Sofia Vergara. Love her. Reppin’ for the curvy women around the world Smile


Easter Weekend Mash-up

It’s been a busy couple of days since I last posted. During which, I have had some good times, great food and some fabulous (maybe a little too fab) workouts.

Here’s a quick run-down of the goings on:

In my last post I mentioned that delicious asparagus recipe we tried. Here’s a shot of the meal.

photo (30)

We did a repeat the next night since we had more bacon and asparagus left over. We also had honey dijon salmon and sweet potato fries. Can’t let bacon go to waste you know…..What’s that? You say you can freeze it? Huh? News to me.

Sweet potatoes lookin’ a little crispy, eh? I resolve that my oven is just a little off temperature-wise.

I had great workouts on Thursday and Friday. One lower body and one super-set upper body; both workouts from Julie at You can check out the upper body one here, and the lower body one here. The lower body one involved 100 squats. It’s not the first time that I have completed a workout forgetting I’m not as in-shape as the person who created the workout. Oops. It’s Saturday now and I am still sore from Thursday, BUT I can walk. I may need a bit more protein post-workout. Peanut butter anyone? Smile 

As previously mentioned, I decided I needed some new wedding-attending attire and bought a lovely dress recently at Harvest/Wild Lily in Kentville, NS.

Here’s the dress from Nougat London.

photo (33)

And here it is on me!

photo (31)

I also did a little amateur interior decorating in our bedroom. I’ve had these B&W photos from Winners for quite some time now. I have seen lots of pictures where people don’t necessarily hang photos, but prop them. Bam! Done. No nails. Awesome.

photo (34)

I love yellow and gray as a color combo. It seems to be a major trend right now, and I’m into it! Here is how I added the yellow/gray trend into our bedroom.

photo (36)

Last night we attended both a b-day party and a wedding. The b-day party was my future father-in-laws 60th and there was a ton of yummy snacks. Most On friday nights Reggie’s parents and their friends get together for “Meet and Greets.” They eat, drink and socialize and have a great time. It is so awesome to see such a small community so involved and active!

Next we went to the wedding. The bride pulled it all together in 6 weeks and did such a great job! The food at the wedding was also amazing. Lots of appetizers and desserts. Despite the ol’ diabetes, I was in heaven.  The same caterer is actually catering our wedding. Can’t wait!

Today I slept in, and after a walk with the pooch we headed to Reggie’s parents for MORE FOOD. Yikes, I don’t know how I’m going to fit Easter Dinner in tomorrow.

Today’s menu?

photo (35)

Lobster! Did you know that in the past it was only the poor families who ate lobster? Craziness. I guess people would draw their blinds so others couldn’t see them eating the “bottom-feeders.” I’m not a huge fan of lobster, but I like a few small pieces of the claws here and there. The others definitely enjoyed it!

Well, it’s a bit early for bed; However, I am feeling a bit like Chester below:

photo (39) photo (38)

Night Night! Smile