Cheezies as my Nemesis

I’m back! This time around I plan on writing about improving my health, and I mean this in terms of mind, body and spirit.

In late August, I felt I had found my niche. I was training for a 10k race, delving into yoga (and loving it), exploring Buddhism, and practicing meditation. Healthy eating, gratitude and a positive outlook all fell into place. Then suddenly, I started to have a bit of knee pain, then subsequent foot pain, then right hip and lower back tightness and discomfort….

When I first started feeling this injury come on I had recently:

A) Upped my running mileage just slightly (from 5k to 8k)

B) Started wearing my new orthotics more often

C) Started wearing new running shoes

D) Been wearing work shoes (nursing) that in hind-site I should have ditched months ago (12 hour shifts are hard on the feet man!)

E) Just recently started doing yoga 3-4 times a week

Needless to say, this combo of factors has made figuring out what’s going on with me rather difficult!

The injuries threw a loop into my happiness for sure. My physiotherapist told me to sideline the yoga. I still don’t know how I feel about this, but have so missed it.  It wasn’t the exercise part of yoga that I loved so much, but more the calming, mind clearing effects. I haven’t truly ran in months now. I’ve noticed my eating habits have taken a turn with the season, going a little bit towards the unhealthy side. A little over a month ago I started eating gluten-free to see if it would help with any of my aches and pains. One thing is for sure, it ’s been beneficial for my blood glucose levels. My past two A1Cs (basically a 3 month blood glucose reading) have been the best I’ve had in years now.

That’s enough “sorrowful” reminiscence for now. The good thing is, lately I’ve been having lots of “Keep Your Chin Up Moments.” Despite the days being darker earlier, the lack of physical activity, and a few more unhealthy food choices than I’d like (a few too many cheezies), I’ve still been keeping a positive mindset. I plan to focus my posts on my personal growth in health & wellness, my career etc. All the things I’m most passionate about! After all, passions are the most easy to write about. This site will help keep me accountable in my journey. Maybe you will find something to help you out too Smile