Yam or Sweet Potato?

My visit to NB is coming to an end. Tomorrow morning I will be heading back home to Nova Scotia. It’s so nice to know that Reggie will be home when I get there. In the past, leaving New Brunswick has been difficult because I travelled for hours back home to an empty apartment or house (Reggie was working away at the time). Now I will be travelling home knowing that he will be there, along with the other 2 men in my life:


Yesterday I met up with my good friend Ashley. We went on our version of a hike. We set out with great intentions, but could not find our way. So we trekked back down the hillside and home again. It was fun nonetheless, and we decided this type of thing was typical for us.

Where are we?


Oh yes! I know where we are. We’re good.


Last night my sister and I had supper at Mom and Brian’s place. Mom had quite the delicious spread made for us including one of our fave appys:


Artichoke and Asiago Dip with Crusty bread. Mmmmm! Really, who doesn’t like this stuff? I mean, I really did need to re-fuel after the gruelling hike Ashley and I went on Winking smile

For the main course we had:


Greek Pasta salad, sweet potato and chicken! All very tasty. I actually went back for more after this, and then had some triple-berry trifle for dessert.

My sister has been feverishly writing papers. One of her most recent being about the process of harvesting yams in Papua New Guinea Disappointed smile I know, how stimulating! When we were dishing up the sweet potatoes, someone called them Yams, and I proclaimed that I thought they were really the same thing. Jill said “Well, I did just do a paper about this, and you see, Yams are different because they are actually root vegetables.” Did I mention before that we grew up on a potato farm?

Jill admitted to her mistake, and we felt she was simply having a bit of a mental slip at the time. Anyway, it cracked me up. So just so you know: The difference between a yam and a sweet potato is that a yam is a root vegetable and a sweet potato is a tuber. *insert sarcasm. I guess there is actually a slight difference, I’m just not aware of what it is yet.

Fast forward to today.

Mom and Jill made some lovely Facebook events related to our upcoming nuptials. Both Mom and Jill speak out load when they are typing. So I kept hearing Mom rehearse the opening sentence of the event, and Jill rambling about yams or something (not really). But anyhow, it was entertaining. Love you guys Smile

Mom and I also went on a nice 5 mile speed walk. My legs are a bit longer than hers. It was a nice chance to chat about the wedding. When we got home I did one of Jillian Michael’s kickboxing workouts and then procrastinated showering for about an hour and a half. Does anyone else feel a little too lazy to shower directly after a workout? Or is the rest of the world ready to wash that sweat right off? I think I like to marinate in it, get a real good salty glaze going on. Too much? Yes. I’m done.

Have a good Sunday evening!


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