Lawn mowing whilst Low (oops)

I don’t mow the lawn often (make that ever).

When I was finally old enough to run the ride-on mower, I did the “big” lawn once…and never again. I don’t think I did a very good job. Come to think of it, they never really asked me to do it again. I was the oldest child, and my younger sister did it more than I ever did. I was exempt, and I don’t think it was because of my superiority in age. I’m pretty sure it was my superiority in, well, sucking at mowing the lawn.

Yesterday I wanted to surprise Reggie by mowing. I was doing pretty well for a bit, and was actually feeling quite smug about the straight lines I thought I was producing. Our front lawn has multiple trees. Maple trees, fruit trees, you name it, it is there. They make mowing interesting, and apparently they make mowing with a low blood glucose VERY interesting.

I was soon to be finished doing the “very close to the trees” run on our last row of trees. I was spinning that wheel around like a Nascar driver. Or so I thought. 4 or 5 trees in on that row I realized I had been hit by at least one branch, either on the arm, trunk or head when passing each of the last few trees. First I laughed at myself, “man I’m clumsy!” then I thought “Or maybe I’m low…?”

Minutes later I’m in the kitchen surveying my blood sugar. Yup, 2.9mmol/L. Wow. You would have thought the first 5 or 6 hits from the trees would have been my first clue.

I was feelin’ better a few Peanut “Better” Gingersnaps later Winking smile. I know that fatty treats like a cookie are not an ideal way to treat a low, but I was feeling it.


One thought on “Lawn mowing whilst Low (oops)

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