Counting Saucy Carbs


It’s now day 3 of D-Blog week and today’s post is the “One Thing to Improve” post. As in, one thing I could do better in terms of my ‘betes. Well, considering I had an experience with crappy carb counting on Monday night, I think that this post topic came at an opportune time.


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Reggie and I went out for supper and a movie with his aunt (HI SHIRLEY Open-mouthed smile), uncles and friends. I had a Chicken Sesame Seed Salad. I thought I would be risqué and order something with a little spice, a little sauce. You see, I tend to stick to sauce-less foods at restaurants. I normally do salmon, roasted veggies and so on because they are low in carbs and I’m less likely to have to deal with high blood glucose later on.

This day I wanted to be adventurous with the salad plus thai sauce. I ordered it up, ate it, annnnnd bombed my carb counting. Totally under-did it, and when we got home from the post-supper movie (Dark Shadows) my sugar was 19.1mmol/L. Oops.

I think I could get better at carb counting, and I may even make an appointment with the dietician at my next diabetes appointment. I just recently learned to subtract the fibre content from my total carbs when carb counting. How the heck did I not know this?? What else do I not know!?

I never ask the waitress/waiter about nutritional info when eating out, and maybe I should start doing so. Truth is though, I need to live a little too. At least I got a yummy salad….Right?

Here is a link to a little Carb Counting Info Sheet from the Canadian Diabetes Association for your viewing pleasure. It’s pretty basic stuff, but we all get a little cocky in our old diabetes age right? A little review never hurts: Basic Carbohydrate Counting for Diabetes Management


Dextrose to the Rescue


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D-Blog week Post #2 “One Great Thing”

Today we have been asked to write about one thing that we do great in relation to diabetes; kind of a “toot your own horn” kind of post, which sounds good to me.

The first thing that popped into my head is that I do well at getting exercise (aka sweatabetes) in each day (unless it’s my two 12 hour days at work; I count the many steps I take as my workout on those days). However; I wanted to mix it up and skip the exercise convo today. I’m going to talk about how fabulous I am at carrying a sugar source in case of lows! I have got dextrose tabs floating around all over the place: my nightstand, my purse, my car, my bra when I run Surprised smile etc.



Aren’t you glad I didn’t show a shot of them in my bra while running? That would have been slightly scandalous….and sweaty (alliteration much?).

I think I am the most well stocked with dextrose tabs that I have ever been (due to a recent trip to Costco). The tabs are sooo much cheaper at Costco! I tend to use them not only when I am low, but also prophylactically (ahead of time, to prevent a low; such as during or before a workout). A girl can only drink so much juice in her lifetime, and my ability to down another juice box left me over a year ago.

Here’s to me and my incredible, “compliance” when it comes to carrying a source of glucose for lows! Rolling on the floor laughing

Have any of you found a great alternative for treating lows that does not involve glucose tablets or juice?

Diabetes Blog Week Virgin

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Here I am, taking part in my first Diabetes Blog Week. Over the past few years I have gleaned tons of info from blogs written by other diabetics. It is so nice to read a fellow diabetic’s blog and subsequently experience moments of “I totally get that” and “OMG me too!”

The plan is that I will post a diabetes related blog each day this week (so if you aren’t down with my diabetes-related posts, you may want to take a week-long vacation from Sweetest Motivation). This first post is the “Find a Friend” Post, where we are to write about a d-blog (diabetes blog) that we read. Here goes:

To tell the truth, I am just now branching out in my diabetes blog reading. I started out reading mostly, which I love! I am overwhelmed by the amount of amazing d-blogs I have been discovering.

I chose to focus on AKA Canadian D-gal.

Firstly, the blogger, Scully, is a Canadian. I found this intriguing because I have searched and searched for Canadian D-blogs and they seem few and far between. I thought I was a Google mastermind, but apparently not. Please, fill me in if any of you know of any other Canadian D-blogs!

Scully loves exercise, and it is a common thread in many of her posts; Especially in terms of cycling. I’m drawn to the blog because of the emphasis on physical activity, since I too share the interest.



Future Medtronic “Look I Can Exercise Despite Diabetes” ad campaign?

I am more of a semi-runner/free weight kind of gal but I find cycling interesting. My fiancé just began biking to work (20 some km). He is using a mountain bike and we both think a road bike may be in his future for efficiency’s sake.

I also feel like I can relate to her (Scully’s) diabetes ups and downs. The crazy lows, the annoying highs. I get it. It’s just so nice to know that it’s not only me who finds the diabetes/workout combo DIFFICULT. Do I need a temp basal of 40 or 50%, should I bolus, should I not bolus? Should I just skip the workout today because nothing seems to be going my way in blood sugar land? I think the occasional F-bomb dropped by Scully emphasizes how I sometimes feel. Sigh… it’s a constant battle.

I gotta say, it’s nice to see a few bg readings in the ol’ mmol/l form too. I think I need to suck it up and wrap my head around the mg/dl form. I’m getting better at it!

Bottom-line—> I think it’s a great blog and you should check it out!

Happy D-blog week Smile