Your Dose of Saturday Morning Cute

Reggie took this picture yesterday while I was at work. What a crazy kitty. I remember when he was younger and Reggie told me he would be doing stuff like this someday. They grow up so fast.


It’s small, but can you see Chester there standing on top of the clothesline pole? He seems to think he is a bird.

Off to day shift #2 I go! Going to stop for a coffee first though Smile Yesterday I had four unfortunate coffee mishaps. So, I’m hoping today is more successful:

  • 1 I spilled my first coffee before leaving home
  • 2 I stopped at Designer Cafe and got a coffee (something I don’t usually do, I pretty much always bring coffee from home). I made a mistake and forgot to tell the lady to use sugar free french vanilla. So I ended up giving this coffee away to a co-worker!
  • 3 I made the coffee maker at work implode with steam and the coffee grinds went everywhere.
  • 4 When I tried to use the coffee maker again, there was not enough to make a full pot of coffee
  • 5- I finally bought a coffee from the hospital kiosk and all was well

Wish me good luck with all things coffee this morning!


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