Living in Dreamland

Since I last blogged

I have become Mrs. Stevens


image by Dani of Evergreen Photography

I entered my mid-twenties


image via Google

& I was the successful applicant for a new position…


image via Google, then altered by ME of course

Needless to say, July was a life changing month for me. All in good ways!

Presently, I’m on my second “bout” of vacation and on Saturday Reggie and I head to Boston (my first time) with two other great couples. I am getting pretty excited about it. It is going to be a road trip full of shopping, sightseeing and eating deliciousness. Only thing I’m starting to get concerned about? That little thing called Diabetes.

July consisted of planning, running errands, a bit of stress here and there, having houseguests, and eating awesome food. Basically, being out of any routine. My usual diet was off, my usual exercise was off and of course- my blood glucose levels have been off. Yes, I have been living in a dreamland, but it was a good one. Today marks the start of taking the reins a bit tighter in terms of diabetes, and getting back in the saddle (ahem…corny corny corn).

I’m going to insert my glucose sensor and get a good feel for my BGs and then try and keep em’ under good wraps for this Boston trip. Feeling good during travel is so important!

The next couple days will consist of some post-wedding housecleaning and some light reading:

photo (2)

Yes, I know, likely not a light read. I am looking forward to reading it though. It will definitely help me prepare for starting my new position. I am SO excited Open-mouthed smile! Diabetes education has always been an interest of mine. I’ll probably have it read in totality just before the new guidelines come out in March 2013, ha!

To finish,  can anyone recommend some MUST-SEE, MUST-DO, MUST-SHOP OR MUST-EAT stops in Boston or surrounding areas?? 


2 thoughts on “Living in Dreamland

  1. Congratulations! On all the great news. I’m particularly excited about the diabetes educator position. Having someone who really truly gets it in a role like that will make a big difference in the lives of a lot of people. Happy reading!

    • Thanks Celine. I’m hoping my background will help in making a difference! I am SO looking forward to starting the new job, and nervous too. It’s such a different type of nursing than I am used to.

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