Long Drive? No Problem (and more)

I recently completed a lovely six hour drive. The trip actually flew by and I couldn’t believe when I was already getting close to home. I took note of the things I did to help pass the time so I could share them with you!


Pre-trip I downloaded a number of podcasts including: The Jillian Michaels Show, Sex Nerd Sandra and Vinyl Cafe Stories from CBC Radio. Podcasts keep my mind busy, and before I knew it a couple hours were already gone by!


Click on the above images to check out the iTunes page for the podcasts (images via Google).

Music (a no brainer)

My main tunes for this road trip were definitely those produced by Nicki Minaj in the form of her latest album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. This album also provides good workout tunes.


(photo via Google)

Call a Friend

Kids, remember to use a hands free device when talking and driving. I talked to my friend Denise, and an hour quickly passed before I knew it. We are both tying the knot this summer, so there was definitely some wedding talk going down. I recommend calling a friend you don’t see or talk to often. There is more to catch up on, and time will pass! I use my iPhone ear buds to talk on the phone while driving. I once heard that it wasn’t legal, and am still yet to look into it Thinking smile

Denise & Me in our university days


Travel Comrades

On this particular drive home I took note of how I normally develop travel buddies on long driving trips. I don’t mean someone who actually drives with me though. I mean the person that I play follow the leader with. When they pass I pass, or when I pass they pass. When I am the “follower” I often wonder if the person I am following thinks I am a crazy person, and if I am the person being “followed” I often wonder if someone is stalking me. My favourite part of travel camaraderie is when one of us exits off the highway and there is a possible wave of acknowledgment between two strangers, Goodbye travel friend! Enjoy the rest of your journey!

Fave Beverage

I think enjoying one of your favourite bevvys while driving is key, even more so if it is a stimulating one like coffee or sugar-free red bull. It just makes the trip more enjoyable, no? That is, until it leads you to the next point:

Bathroom Stops

These are a necessary component of road trips, but can really cramp your style. Why not time bathroom stops with snack stops, or mealtimes?


I like nuts, or granola bars. They are easy. I packed a little lunch for driving this time, which cut down on pit stops. I recommend snacks with some protein for staying power.

Prime Time for Daydreams (while staying alert, and driving safely, of course)

One of the benefits of driving long distances is that you also get a substantial amount of daydreaming done. I made a few wedding plans, among other things. It was nice since I may not have taken the time to ponder such things if I hadn’t been driving aimlessly.

Alright—> Enough road-trip business.

I just finished my four shift rotation at work and have five day stretch of freedom ahead of me. I don’t have many plans other than a hike with a friend, and tomorrow I am hosting a baby shower for a friend and co-worker (MAJOR housecleaning to ensure tonight)…(possibly with wine drinking involved). I am even considered this aerobic housecleaning my exercise for today.

One of my favourite moments at work this past rotation included an IV victory da-da-daaaaaaa.


(image via Google)

There is one Doc with whom I work that never fails to be present when I am about to attempt an IV insertion. A patient with not-so-great veins needed an IV, and of course Dr. Always Present during Ciara’s IV attempts arrived soon after to watch, right on schedule. On three previous occasions I have been unsuccessful with IVs attempts with him at the bedside. This time I was determined to prove myself, and my IV capabilities. Well did I get that IV.?? Yes. Yes I did. Damn straight.

Dr. Always Present During IVs frequently shows us cool YouTube videos. This past set he showed me a 20/20 clip about a woman who had lost both arms in an electrical accident. Talk about overcoming adversity! Here it is:

video from youtube.com

Enjoy your Sunday Smile