The 5th Day

Today was my fifth day off before heading back to my usual set at work. I normally feel a compulsion on my fifth day off to do all of 3 things: relax, be productive, and take care of anything I neglected to do over the previous 4 days. Obviously relaxing and being productive aren’t very copasetic. Today I decided to make the most of my last day off by hiking with my friend Ashlee.

I fuelled myself before and during the hike with one of the homemade GRAINola bars I made last night from the Looneyspoons Collection cookbook that I have been recently overusing. They are made of assorted yum-ites (yep, made that word up) including: oats, pumpkin, cinnamon, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, seeds etc.


Yes, that is Cooper silently dreaming of eating one of the last 2 granola bars. I made a 9 by 13 pan of these less than 24 hours ago, and they have virtually dwindled to nothing. Some people have a problem with baking because it goes to waste. Reggie and I? We do not have this problem.

The trails were still quite muddy for a hike today, but we went for it anyway. I think that this trail system would be awesome on a really nice day when everything is dry. I enjoyed myself, and Cooper was simply loving life. Here are some shots from the day:




Coop and me by the waterfall; likely the highlight of the hike!


Is it just me or do I look more tall than usual in this picture?


What do you do after a hike? You eat fruit and enjoy a spritzer that’s what!


For supper Reggie and I had lemon-dill baked chicken (again another Looneyspoons recipe) with sides of sweet potato fries and asparagus. I’m officially tired of asparagus, but I needed to finish it up. We had bought a massive bunch of it from Costco. The below picture is an up-close shot of the sweet potato fries to show my Mom and Sister that I don’t ALWAYS burn them.


Ok , ok, that was taken before I even put them in the oven Rolling on the floor laughing

Finally, to finish off this post, a fashion oriented photo. A while back Reg and I went to one of his co-workers houses to have supper. Here was my attire:


My Mom bought me this cute red dress at Smart Set. Thanks Mom! Smile 

Happy Thursday Evening everyone!


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