Ciara’s Tips for Wedding Planning

Although we are still in planning mode, I feel like I have learned a few valuable online and offline tips and I’m going to share them with you. Smile

1. Wedding Related Websites

Green Wedding Shoes

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Style Me Pretty

photo (2) & helped when I was looking for decor ideas, bridesmaid ideas, invite ideas, hair ideas and the list goes on. They show beautiful pictures of real weddings. Beware of INFORMATION OVERLOAD. I certainly did have this, and found myself overwhelmed and a bit stressed. There is so much information available that I couldn’t focus myself and had lists written everywhere. I eventually decided to take a break from sites in order to focus my own personal style, and then started looking at them again for guidance.

Linen Tablecloth – Affordable Elegance


My cousin Whitney told me about this website. From what I know, it is a reliable website, and frequently has sales. A few examples of what this site has to offer include: chair covers, table cloths (Nooo..really, you don’t say!), napkins etc. The pricing is very reasonable as well.  


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Etsy is probably my personal favourite site for wedding plans. I have both ordered from it and used it as inspiration for DIY projects. In my experience, this site has been very reliable. It is basically a bunch of online shops and boutiques. You can read about each of the shop owners and see feedback about their past transactions. A few things I have bought from Etsy include: my bouquet wrap, our guestbook and photo booth props. Seriously a great site, if even used simply for ideas. Note* There are so many cool ideas for guest books out there. Check em’ out!


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I don’t think I need to explain what Pinterest is, considering how popular it is right now. It is definitely chalk full of wedding inspiration. Check out my wedding inspiration page at

Brooklyn Bride –

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I recently read about this blog in a BRIDES magazine. Again, it is useful for planning a modern-style wedding. I have already finished and sent most of my invites. However, this blog had a recent post about “Swell and Grand Printables” which is actually a shop on Etsy.

Using Swell and Grand, you can download one of the many very pretty invitation/RSVP/info card templates for only 15.00 to 25.00 dollars! That is awesome. Then use your own home printer to do ‘em up. I printed my own and trust me, it is EASY! Here is link for the Swell and Grand Esty shop I would love to hear if any of you decide to go this route.

2. Make A Wedding Website

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We used to make our site. There is a monthly fee if you wish to have all the website capabilities (like the online RSVP option). We chose to go this route as a way to provide information about accommodations, the wedding party, and as a means to save on stamps. I did mail out RSVP cards to those who I felt may not be very online savvy.

3. Utilize Twitter

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If you have never tried Twitter, you should. I love it. Many have the misperception that it is only a series of status updates, but this is not the case. Twitter is a means of sharing information. You “follow” people on twitter. When you post something it is called a “tweet” that your followers can see. In terms of using Twitter for your wedding, you can follow wedding-wise people such as @MarthaWeddings or @theknot.

4. Get in a Healthy State of Mind

Like many brides, I want to look and feel my best on the big day. I have been striving to exercise regularly and eat healthfully. A wedding in itself is a great motivator, but there are other things that can help too.

You could join a bootcamp class. The positive energy of a class full of people is always helpful.

Start a workout program—> Do the 30 Day Shread by one of my faves Jillian Michaels. Try a wedding workout. I do one from The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises. It’s an 8 week program to get you into wedding shape, focusing on the arms, hips and legs (important wedding areas) Winking smile

Surround yourself with all things healthy. For examples—> read health and fitness magazines (I like Women’s Health) or blogs like Have healthy food stocked at home, or follow @FitFluential on Twitter.


When it comes to planning YOUR wedding, remember to Please Yourself first!

Reggie and I started out planning a wedding at a winery with a reception at a hotel. We visited both places, and were knee deep in the planning process before we both confessed to each other that we would really like to do this at our own home, in our backyard. Be honest with each other from the start. It makes it easier!

Don’t let pleasing others get in the way. This is your day. While planning our ceremony, our officiant asked me if we were trying to please anyone. At first I thought this was a weird question. Then I thought about it more. There are instances where you do things in your wedding to keep people happy. There may even be a few instances in our own that we are doing this; however, it does not sacrifice the integrity of what we have planned for our day.

I’ll finish with a couple questions:

  • If you are already married, what were your favourite and least favourite parts of the planning process?
  • If you are in the planning phase, do you have any useful planning tips to share?

Have a great day. Here’s a dose of cute with Little Coop/Big Coop in the grass.

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