10 on the 10th

I found this idea on a blog that I read today (canadiandgal.blogspot.ca), except she (Scully is her name) does “12 of 12s.” What “10 on the 10th” involves is a quick blog post with 10 photos from my day on the 10th of each month. Here we go!


1. I’m definitely a techy-nerd gal. Proof? I needed all of this for my workout today. The Bose to play music, the iPod to house the music, the iPhone which held the app used to time my interval workout, and the iPad which displayed the workout. Apple fan much? Yup. I did a stability ball workout, that I know my abs will remember in the am.


2. This is a post-workout shot of myself. Disregard my Rudolph nose. I’ve got a little breakout goin’ on for sure. My shirt is one I ordered online after discovering Grace Potter and The Nocturnals a couple of years ago. Have you listened to their music? You should check it out.


3. New insulin pump in the house! My new pump arrived around 2:30ish, after which I was able to leave the house and enjoy my freedom again (I had been waiting around for the FedEx guy). He informed me that since he had left a doorknob tag the previous day, I could have signed that and gone out. All he needed was my signature. Glad I know this for future reference!

photo (2)

4. Leftovers for lunch today. A bowl of chili from last night’s supper. Topped with plain greek yogurt; It really balances out the spiciness of the chili.


5. Yesterday I saw that the local farm market now has some flowers available to buy. I stopped by today and picked up some pretty orange, red and yellow marigolds. I planted a bunch by our shed today. After walking away for a few minutes I returned to find 3 or 4 plants already pulled up out of the bed. I also found a guilty looking Chester the Tabby Cat near by Disappointed smile


6. Purdy! I love taking photos of flowers. The colors are so vibrant!


7. I planted some of the leftover marigolds in some cute pots. I especially love the one with the spout on it.


8. Reggie biked 20 odd km home from work today (proud of him Smile). So, naturally I wanted to play “Good Wifey-To Be” and make a nice hardy, yummy supper for us. I made Calzones! I used the Kraft Pizza box. For the filling I used the provided sauce (my fave), the provided spices and parm cheese, red peppers, red onion, pepperoni (the real stuff), shredded marble cheese and spinach.


9. I think they were delish!


10. Well, I’m doing a bit of foreshadowing with this last shot. These little treats are going to be featured in this upcoming Sunday’s blog post. I’m pretty excited about Sunday’s post because I will be announcing a bit of a surprise! Stay tuned.

HAPPY FRIDAY! Note: I realized after finishing this post that today is not the 10th, but is in fact, the 11th of May.Oops, since I like the sound of “10 on the 10th”I’m sticking with it.