End of May Flowers

Today I ran my fastest 5k since..well, since whenever my Nike GPS app started stalking me. It felt nice. It was 30 mins, something seconds. I’d like to do some sub-30s soon. Truth is though, after my run, you could barely tell I had ran.


Kidding! I was a lovely sweaty mess. As per usual!

Any other people blessed with Diabetes who frequently eat meals out of containers such as this?:


Yeah, I measure a lot of things (things being food). For those who don’t know, type one diabetics like myself determine insulin requirements for meals by looking at the carbohydrate component in their meal. That’s what I was doing this morning when I measured out my vanilla greek yogurt. No need to dirty two dishes!

I took a few photos today as I watered our flowers:


One of my faves is this purple clematis.


I also like this tiny rose tree. I have no idea what it is actually called. Maybe some sort of crab apple? If it is in fact a crab apple tree, than it is quite humorous that I have been calling it a “tiny rose tree.”

2012_0531blogshots0010 2012_0531blogshots0011

I did play around with the color of the lilacs. They are definitely pretty without any altering but I wanted to make them even more vibrant!


The kids, hanging out.


Some Irises. I didn’t alter the color of these at all. They are beautiful!

2012_0531blogshots0022 2012_0531blogshots0019

2012_0531blogshots0020 2012_0531blogshots0021

Lastly, a couple petunias.


Ever notice how nature mimics the human body? Every once in a while I look at trees and think “those really do look like lungs,” or I’ll look at a walnut and think “Yup, looks like a brain, totally one hemisphere of a brain.” For example, the above petunias; when I look at the darker purple lines I think “veins…obviously.” If you thought I was going to mention the irises, you are wrong.

Closing thought. If April showers brought us May flowers. Then what is May to June? May ______ brings June _____. ???

I know that for me, June is again a month about showers. 3 wedding showers. Wow.


Long time No See

Well hello there,


..long time no see!

I’ve been busy (a phrase I will continue to say, frequently, for the next 50ish days).

Wedding business has been the epicenter of my days off. I picked up this little thing called a marriage licence today. Apparently, it’s “important.” Pish-posh I say.

I’ve had some good workouts lately, which is nice because my first wedding dress fitting is June 10th! Eek!

I’ve also made some yummy suppers, including but not limited to: pork souvlaki pitas with tzatziki sauce; pasta with spinach, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and a cheesy white sauce, and a yummy rice dish (actually I used quinoa) which includes dates, cinnamon etc (recipe via Sharon) Smile. It is an awesome mix of sweet and savoury. Note: souvlaki & tzatziki are both words that necessitated Google for correct spelling.

I’ve also had my fair share of one of my fave treats:


Once, I ate a whole container in 1 day. Bad Idea. Not only does this stuff have a substantial amount of sugar in it. It also has a substantial amount of fire power. It may be too much information, but after eating a full container in one day, I spent most of a night shift in the little girls room. Explosive. Yeah.

Also, speaking of sugar. I have had a ridiculous amount of difficult to explain high blood sugars in the past few days. Whoa. I’m pretty sure my sets are clogging and kinking easily. Since I have started wearing my new pump I have had a few diabetes mix-ups. I’m pretty sure it’s not the pump, but it {the pump} has taken a verbal beating over the past few days. I was annoyed after a “No Delivery” alarm, after eating a delicious breakfast. The subsequent bg? 25mmol/L.  I was perturbed after discovering a bg of 19mmol/L soon after starting a night shift. I was frustrated this morning when I woke up to 17mmol/L. What the heck???? Highs don’t happen this often for me.

I changed my set and reviewed the potential causes. If my insulin were bad than I probably wouldn’t have had control like I did the two days previous. Pretty sure the set was the problem. I used to get away with 4 days using the same infusion set. Now I think 3 is my max. What is the world coming to Winking smile. I think I’ll live. I always do!!

This morning I went to get my hair re-foiled, and to have a wedding day hair consult. T’was fun! I can’t wait to hang out with all my bridesmaids that morning Open-mouthed smile!


Lookin’ fab and gettin’ foiled.

Has anyone read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold?


I know it was a phenomenon quite a while back, when the movie came out and whatnot. I avoided reading it because I thought it sounded a bit dark and depressing. However; I did just finish it, and actually really enjoyed it. I thought that Sebold’s writing was fantastic!

Has anyone read a  great book lately? I’m in reading mode, and am looking for suggestions Nerd smile

If someone offers you ground cover…

Well, I didn’t quite do all the posts for diabetes blog week. Work and life got in the way…again!

I hope you had an awesome long weekend because I know I did.

Thanks to my Nana (Peggy) and my Mom (Patty)…


…the flower beds at our house are looking awesome. We weeded, we edged, we dug rocks out of their hiding spots, we planted, we transplanted. I couldn’t help but think in medical terms while “transplanting” the plants. If only an organ transplant could be so easy- cut it out, stick it in, and water it like hell. Nope, a new ticker or new kidney just does not work this way. Ahhh, the wonders of mother nature.

We hit the local flower spot with vengeance and purchased a good amount of pretty annuals and perennials that definitely perked up the Stevens/Lamoreau yard.

Mom and Nana certainly know how to clean, garden and SHOP. Since I worked 4 day shifts prior to their arrival, I didn’t have much time for housekeeping. No worrying necessary however, because within minutes (literally) the house looked 10x cleaner. The Peggy/Patty tag team rolled through. Reggie and I could barely keep up.

The first morning we did a decent amount of gardening, stopping only for nutrition and hydration. Next, we were off shopping. Once home from shopping we were putting those plants in the ground ASAP. Reggie mentioned how he figured it would be time to chill out once we got home, considering he had been working outside all day, but he ended up having to pick up the whipper-snipper just to fit in.

Good times Smile

One of my favourite lines from the weekend came from my Nana when she said: “If anyone ever tries to offer you ground cover, you turn, and you RUN!” Haha..it just cracks me up; one of the reasons being that one of my co-workers offered me ground cover a few days prior. Little did I know I should have turned and run for my life. Oh the things you’ll learn.

A few photos to finish off this post:

The first top-down Jeep drive of the year. You could barely distinguish the water from the horizon in Morden; It was so clear and calm.


I always do the first Jeep drive whilst naked. It’s more exhilarating this way (kidding, I was wearing a strapless top Winking smile).


Lounging on the lawn with the pets after a day of deck building and herb garden planting



Lastly- If you could take a minute to check out www.valleylifecycle.ca that would be so awesome. This is an event taking place in Kentville, Nova Scotia. It’s only purpose is to promote healthy lifestyles. How great is that?

I’m helping out one of my co-workers who is trying to get many page hits. The hits will help him to make this Health Promotion event even more successful!

And the Winner is…

Tonight I randomly chose the winner for the Looneyspoons Collection cookbook giveaway! By the way, the cookbook arrived in the mail today Smile


Janet & Greta – image via Google.com

The lucky commenter whom will soon have this cookbook isssss… Sharon! I used random.org to randomly choose a number from 1-12 (since this was the number of commenters). Number 7 was randomly chosen and Sharon was commentee #7!

Thanks again for your lovely comments, and of course a big thanks to Janet and Greta for donating the book.

Have a great evening! I’m back to work for a third day shift tomorrow. This means I only have to work one night this set. Awesome!!

Counting Saucy Carbs


It’s now day 3 of D-Blog week and today’s post is the “One Thing to Improve” post. As in, one thing I could do better in terms of my ‘betes. Well, considering I had an experience with crappy carb counting on Monday night, I think that this post topic came at an opportune time.


image via Google.com

Reggie and I went out for supper and a movie with his aunt (HI SHIRLEY Open-mouthed smile), uncles and friends. I had a Chicken Sesame Seed Salad. I thought I would be risqué and order something with a little spice, a little sauce. You see, I tend to stick to sauce-less foods at restaurants. I normally do salmon, roasted veggies and so on because they are low in carbs and I’m less likely to have to deal with high blood glucose later on.

This day I wanted to be adventurous with the salad plus thai sauce. I ordered it up, ate it, annnnnd bombed my carb counting. Totally under-did it, and when we got home from the post-supper movie (Dark Shadows) my sugar was 19.1mmol/L. Oops.

I think I could get better at carb counting, and I may even make an appointment with the dietician at my next diabetes appointment. I just recently learned to subtract the fibre content from my total carbs when carb counting. How the heck did I not know this?? What else do I not know!?

I never ask the waitress/waiter about nutritional info when eating out, and maybe I should start doing so. Truth is though, I need to live a little too. At least I got a yummy salad….Right?

Here is a link to a little Carb Counting Info Sheet from the Canadian Diabetes Association for your viewing pleasure. It’s pretty basic stuff, but we all get a little cocky in our old diabetes age right? A little review never hurts: Basic Carbohydrate Counting for Diabetes Management

Dextrose to the Rescue


again, image via Karen @ bittersweetdiabetes.com

D-Blog week Post #2 “One Great Thing”

Today we have been asked to write about one thing that we do great in relation to diabetes; kind of a “toot your own horn” kind of post, which sounds good to me.

The first thing that popped into my head is that I do well at getting exercise (aka sweatabetes) in each day (unless it’s my two 12 hour days at work; I count the many steps I take as my workout on those days). However; I wanted to mix it up and skip the exercise convo today. I’m going to talk about how fabulous I am at carrying a sugar source in case of lows! I have got dextrose tabs floating around all over the place: my nightstand, my purse, my car, my bra when I run Surprised smile etc.



Aren’t you glad I didn’t show a shot of them in my bra while running? That would have been slightly scandalous….and sweaty (alliteration much?).

I think I am the most well stocked with dextrose tabs that I have ever been (due to a recent trip to Costco). The tabs are sooo much cheaper at Costco! I tend to use them not only when I am low, but also prophylactically (ahead of time, to prevent a low; such as during or before a workout). A girl can only drink so much juice in her lifetime, and my ability to down another juice box left me over a year ago.

Here’s to me and my incredible, “compliance” when it comes to carrying a source of glucose for lows! Rolling on the floor laughing

Have any of you found a great alternative for treating lows that does not involve glucose tablets or juice?

Diabetes Blog Week Virgin

image via Karen @ bittersweetdiabetes.com

Here I am, taking part in my first Diabetes Blog Week. Over the past few years I have gleaned tons of info from blogs written by other diabetics. It is so nice to read a fellow diabetic’s blog and subsequently experience moments of “I totally get that” and “OMG me too!”

The plan is that I will post a diabetes related blog each day this week (so if you aren’t down with my diabetes-related posts, you may want to take a week-long vacation from Sweetest Motivation). This first post is the “Find a Friend” Post, where we are to write about a d-blog (diabetes blog) that we read. Here goes:

To tell the truth, I am just now branching out in my diabetes blog reading. I started out reading mostly sixuntilme.com, which I love! I am overwhelmed by the amount of amazing d-blogs I have been discovering.

I chose to focus on www.canadiandgal.blogspot.ca AKA Canadian D-gal.

Firstly, the blogger, Scully, is a Canadian. I found this intriguing because I have searched and searched for Canadian D-blogs and they seem few and far between. I thought I was a Google mastermind, but apparently not. Please, fill me in if any of you know of any other Canadian D-blogs!

Scully loves exercise, and it is a common thread in many of her posts; Especially in terms of cycling. I’m drawn to the blog because of the emphasis on physical activity, since I too share the interest.



Future Medtronic “Look I Can Exercise Despite Diabetes” ad campaign?

I am more of a semi-runner/free weight kind of gal but I find cycling interesting. My fiancé just began biking to work (20 some km). He is using a mountain bike and we both think a road bike may be in his future for efficiency’s sake.

I also feel like I can relate to her (Scully’s) diabetes ups and downs. The crazy lows, the annoying highs. I get it. It’s just so nice to know that it’s not only me who finds the diabetes/workout combo DIFFICULT. Do I need a temp basal of 40 or 50%, should I bolus, should I not bolus? Should I just skip the workout today because nothing seems to be going my way in blood sugar land? I think the occasional F-bomb dropped by Scully emphasizes how I sometimes feel. Sigh… it’s a constant battle.

I gotta say, it’s nice to see a few bg readings in the ol’ mmol/l form too. I think I need to suck it up and wrap my head around the mg/dl form. I’m getting better at it!

Bottom-line—> I think it’s a great blog and you should check it out!

Happy D-blog week Smile

Sunday Night Giveaway!

Good evening everyone! On Friday I blogged about how excited I was for tonight’s post. The reason being what? I get to do a giveaway Open-mouthed smile

Remember all those time I’ve mentioned…


..recipes from The Looneyspoons Collection? Janet and Greta are very kindly providing me with a copy of this lovely cookbook to give to one of my readers. So awesome! You may remember when I received this cookbook from Reggie the Easter Bunny? You may also have seen Greta and Janet while watching the Food Network Canada, on their show “Eat, Shrink and be Merry.”

What do I like about The Looneyspoons Collection? I like the variety; from chicken, to baked goods to “once a year indulgences.” When my sister visited, she described how she loved the many pictures in it, and I agree. A cookbook with tempting pictures makes me more motivated to get cookin’, or bakin’, or whichever your fancy.

The cookbook also provides nutritional information (including carbs and fibre), which is a plus for my diabetes friends out there! Another thing that I love is the corny humour scattered throughout the pages. Nothing makes me smile more than a corny joke, except maybe a tasty treat.

*Disclaimer: I have not been paid to endorse this cookbook. I emailed Janet and Greta to describe how much I enjoyed it, and decided to do this post on my own!

I recently made the “Funny Bones Dog Treats” and “Goody Two Chews” recipes from this book.

Cooper is pretty picky about his treats. He doesn’t like regular ol’ milkbones, or any other wholesome-ish doggy treat. He is more of a beggin’ strip kinda’ pup. Guess what though? Cooper LOVES the Funny Bones Dog Treats.


Clearly, I did not have a bone-shaped cookie-cutter at my disposal.



So obedient when there is treat potential hmmmm… Sarcastic smile

The Goody Two Chews (see what I mean by cute-corny Winking smile) are almost gone, and I only just made them yesterday! They are pumpkin pie spice flavoured goodness!





So, you may be wondering how to win this free copy of The Looneyspoons Collection. To get entered into the random draw, please comment on this post describing one of your favourite cookbooks OR a fun adventure you had this weekend.

I’ll leave the responses open until Wednesday night, at which point I will post a winner. Looking forward to reading your comments!

Nighty Night. One more day off for me then back to work!

Blast from the Past

For a quick Saturday night post, I wanted to share something I found while Goggling myself the other day (so vain, I know). It is the first online diabetes related post I ever completed (and I think it may have been with the assistance of my Mom Smile). The post is close to 13 years old.

photo (1)

Hope you guys can read that small font, but if not just check out the link. I never did post my diagnosis story on this blog, so I guess this is another way of doing it! I actually still remember sitting at the computer while we typed it up. Wow. May I take this moment to state the cliché “it feels like just yesterday.”

10 on the 10th

I found this idea on a blog that I read today (canadiandgal.blogspot.ca), except she (Scully is her name) does “12 of 12s.” What “10 on the 10th” involves is a quick blog post with 10 photos from my day on the 10th of each month. Here we go!


1. I’m definitely a techy-nerd gal. Proof? I needed all of this for my workout today. The Bose to play music, the iPod to house the music, the iPhone which held the app used to time my interval workout, and the iPad which displayed the workout. Apple fan much? Yup. I did a stability ball workout, that I know my abs will remember in the am.


2. This is a post-workout shot of myself. Disregard my Rudolph nose. I’ve got a little breakout goin’ on for sure. My shirt is one I ordered online after discovering Grace Potter and The Nocturnals a couple of years ago. Have you listened to their music? You should check it out.


3. New insulin pump in the house! My new pump arrived around 2:30ish, after which I was able to leave the house and enjoy my freedom again (I had been waiting around for the FedEx guy). He informed me that since he had left a doorknob tag the previous day, I could have signed that and gone out. All he needed was my signature. Glad I know this for future reference!

photo (2)

4. Leftovers for lunch today. A bowl of chili from last night’s supper. Topped with plain greek yogurt; It really balances out the spiciness of the chili.


5. Yesterday I saw that the local farm market now has some flowers available to buy. I stopped by today and picked up some pretty orange, red and yellow marigolds. I planted a bunch by our shed today. After walking away for a few minutes I returned to find 3 or 4 plants already pulled up out of the bed. I also found a guilty looking Chester the Tabby Cat near by Disappointed smile


6. Purdy! I love taking photos of flowers. The colors are so vibrant!


7. I planted some of the leftover marigolds in some cute pots. I especially love the one with the spout on it.


8. Reggie biked 20 odd km home from work today (proud of him Smile). So, naturally I wanted to play “Good Wifey-To Be” and make a nice hardy, yummy supper for us. I made Calzones! I used the Kraft Pizza box. For the filling I used the provided sauce (my fave), the provided spices and parm cheese, red peppers, red onion, pepperoni (the real stuff), shredded marble cheese and spinach.


9. I think they were delish!


10. Well, I’m doing a bit of foreshadowing with this last shot. These little treats are going to be featured in this upcoming Sunday’s blog post. I’m pretty excited about Sunday’s post because I will be announcing a bit of a surprise! Stay tuned.

HAPPY FRIDAY! Note: I realized after finishing this post that today is not the 10th, but is in fact, the 11th of May.Oops, since I like the sound of “10 on the 10th”I’m sticking with it.