Diabetes Easter Haul

Good Morning All.

photo (44)

I mean Good Afternoon. Don’t I look like it’s the morning despite this though? Note* this photo was actually taken a couple days ago, but I look a lot like this now. My hair may be a tad more on the grease-tastic side though.

Back to the post—>I remember my first Easter with Diabetes. I had just been diagnosed in March, and was 11 years old. How cruel of nature to spring this on me before one of childhood’s best holidays. I survived though. Then, come October, I survived Halloween.

I thought I would share with you my diabetic friendly Easter 2012 gifts from Reggie.

photo (41)

What a good man he is, buying me all this diabetic friendly stuff. A banana, an apple, a juice box, urinalysis strips, Splenda artificial sweetener, glucose tabs and a gift certificate for the Wilfred Brimley’s Online Diabetes store. All basic everyday needs for us diabetics on Easter. We do not touch the chocolate. It is not part of our strict diet.

Who am I kidding. This is my REAL Easter Haul.

photo (42)

I’ve been wanting this cookbook for a while, so I bought it the other day and suggested Reggie add it to my Easter stuff this morning. He picked up the fitness mag, and yummy chocolate treats for me. Now that is a good man; not falling inline with the stigma of “no sugar ever” diabetes.

You see, I will not eat large amounts of this chocolate at once. It will likely last a long time and be shared (especially that large Reese egg). I feel I am usually a healthy eater. I have “treats” or I “cheat” (as some like to say Thinking smile) on some occasions. I don’t think anyone should call it “cheating”. For example, there is natural sugar in apples. Am I cheating if I eat one of those? Do you follow Canada’s Food Guide to a tee? HA! You too are cheating my friend.

I’m not perfect. I’m pretty sure the perfect diabetic does not exist. If he or she does, that is AWESOME, but I hope he or she loosens up and has some fun once in a while!

You can see my Easter weekend continuous glucose monitoring has hovered a bit above or around the upper limit of my set range for blood glucose levels. photo (45)

Could be because of a little too much awesome Steven’s Family “Birthday Cake.”

photo (40)

It is so so good. So glad I am entitled to know the Secret Recipe.

On a healthier note, I completed a good workout today including treadmill running and a total body workout. I made sure to stretch adequately and eat some protein at breakfast to ward off post-workout partial paralysis.

photo (43)

The protein was in egg form. I scrambled two eggs and mixed in some green pepper, onion and shredded cheese. Next I placed the mixture on a wrap and topped with salsa. I must say, I truly wanted to top it with ketchup. I ended up ditching the wrap because the eggs were a little on the runny side and I couldn’t stomach a damp tortilla. The scramble was still satisfying on it’s own.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend. Reg and I are going to have a chill night, involving a viewing of the Muppets and last night’s SNL featuring Sofia Vergara. Love her. Reppin’ for the curvy women around the world Smile



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