Easter Weekend Mash-up

It’s been a busy couple of days since I last posted. During which, I have had some good times, great food and some fabulous (maybe a little too fab) workouts.

Here’s a quick run-down of the goings on:

In my last post I mentioned that delicious asparagus recipe we tried. Here’s a shot of the meal.

photo (30)

We did a repeat the next night since we had more bacon and asparagus left over. We also had honey dijon salmon and sweet potato fries. Can’t let bacon go to waste you know…..What’s that? You say you can freeze it? Huh? News to me.

Sweet potatoes lookin’ a little crispy, eh? I resolve that my oven is just a little off temperature-wise.

I had great workouts on Thursday and Friday. One lower body and one super-set upper body; both workouts from Julie at pbfingers.com. You can check out the upper body one here, and the lower body one here. The lower body one involved 100 squats. It’s not the first time that I have completed a workout forgetting I’m not as in-shape as the person who created the workout. Oops. It’s Saturday now and I am still sore from Thursday, BUT I can walk. I may need a bit more protein post-workout. Peanut butter anyone? Smile 

As previously mentioned, I decided I needed some new wedding-attending attire and bought a lovely dress recently at Harvest/Wild Lily in Kentville, NS.

Here’s the dress from Nougat London.

photo (33)

And here it is on me!

photo (31)

I also did a little amateur interior decorating in our bedroom. I’ve had these B&W photos from Winners for quite some time now. I have seen lots of pictures where people don’t necessarily hang photos, but prop them. Bam! Done. No nails. Awesome.

photo (34)

I love yellow and gray as a color combo. It seems to be a major trend right now, and I’m into it! Here is how I added the yellow/gray trend into our bedroom.

photo (36)

Last night we attended both a b-day party and a wedding. The b-day party was my future father-in-laws 60th and there was a ton of yummy snacks. Most On friday nights Reggie’s parents and their friends get together for “Meet and Greets.” They eat, drink and socialize and have a great time. It is so awesome to see such a small community so involved and active!

Next we went to the wedding. The bride pulled it all together in 6 weeks and did such a great job! The food at the wedding was also amazing. Lots of appetizers and desserts. Despite the ol’ diabetes, I was in heaven.  The same caterer is actually catering our wedding. Can’t wait!

Today I slept in, and after a walk with the pooch we headed to Reggie’s parents for MORE FOOD. Yikes, I don’t know how I’m going to fit Easter Dinner in tomorrow.

Today’s menu?

photo (35)

Lobster! Did you know that in the past it was only the poor families who ate lobster? Craziness. I guess people would draw their blinds so others couldn’t see them eating the “bottom-feeders.” I’m not a huge fan of lobster, but I like a few small pieces of the claws here and there. The others definitely enjoyed it!

Well, it’s a bit early for bed; However, I am feeling a bit like Chester below:

photo (39) photo (38)

Night Night! Smile


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