If someone offers you ground cover…

Well, I didn’t quite do all the posts for diabetes blog week. Work and life got in the way…again!

I hope you had an awesome long weekend because I know I did.

Thanks to my Nana (Peggy) and my Mom (Patty)…


…the flower beds at our house are looking awesome. We weeded, we edged, we dug rocks out of their hiding spots, we planted, we transplanted. I couldn’t help but think in medical terms while “transplanting” the plants. If only an organ transplant could be so easy- cut it out, stick it in, and water it like hell. Nope, a new ticker or new kidney just does not work this way. Ahhh, the wonders of mother nature.

We hit the local flower spot with vengeance and purchased a good amount of pretty annuals and perennials that definitely perked up the Stevens/Lamoreau yard.

Mom and Nana certainly know how to clean, garden and SHOP. Since I worked 4 day shifts prior to their arrival, I didn’t have much time for housekeeping. No worrying necessary however, because within minutes (literally) the house looked 10x cleaner. The Peggy/Patty tag team rolled through. Reggie and I could barely keep up.

The first morning we did a decent amount of gardening, stopping only for nutrition and hydration. Next, we were off shopping. Once home from shopping we were putting those plants in the ground ASAP. Reggie mentioned how he figured it would be time to chill out once we got home, considering he had been working outside all day, but he ended up having to pick up the whipper-snipper just to fit in.

Good times Smile

One of my favourite lines from the weekend came from my Nana when she said: “If anyone ever tries to offer you ground cover, you turn, and you RUN!” Haha..it just cracks me up; one of the reasons being that one of my co-workers offered me ground cover a few days prior. Little did I know I should have turned and run for my life. Oh the things you’ll learn.

A few photos to finish off this post:

The first top-down Jeep drive of the year. You could barely distinguish the water from the horizon in Morden; It was so clear and calm.


I always do the first Jeep drive whilst naked. It’s more exhilarating this way (kidding, I was wearing a strapless top Winking smile).


Lounging on the lawn with the pets after a day of deck building and herb garden planting



Lastly- If you could take a minute to check out www.valleylifecycle.ca that would be so awesome. This is an event taking place in Kentville, Nova Scotia. It’s only purpose is to promote healthy lifestyles. How great is that?

I’m helping out one of my co-workers who is trying to get many page hits. The hits will help him to make this Health Promotion event even more successful!


Road Trip

I travelled to my homeland (New Brunswick) for a weekend visit with family and friends. I had not made the journey home since August last year, so a visit was probably slightly overdue. 


Safety Note: Do not take pictures while driving. It is unsafe.

The drive to my first destination, my sister Jill’s apartment, was about 5 hours and just before arriving my insulin pump decided to go on the fritz. When I tried to dial in an amount of carbs I was eating it would scroll like a maniac through 0-300 over and over again. Then one of the buttons stopped working completely Disappointed smile I did not have back up syringes either. Oops. Typical me. I know better, and have actually gotten better at bringing back up supplies along (excuses, excuses).

When I got to Jill’s place I called the Medtronic Pump peeps, who were super helpful, and I already have the new pump at my disposal. The button problem cannot be fixed. The pump is also no longer under warranty. So it looks like I’m in the market for a new pump. I have been researching the Medtronic Paradigm VEO pump. It has automatic low suspend, handy for if you go low in the night and don’t hear/feel your alarms. It will suspend your basal for a period of time. Cool!

We picked up some syringes, to keep me going until my backup pump arrived, and then headed to The Snooty Fox for some eats. I had salmon, veggies and rice. The salmon was topped with pesto and goat cheese with a drizzle of maple syrup. I had not had this combo before but it was soooo good. I will be trying to replicate it at home for sure.



Jill had her fave, nachos topped with pickles. I sampled it a number of times. I really liked the pickles idea.

photo (2)

I took the picture a bit too early.

photo (1)

There that’s better!

So, to mix things up I decided to interview my “little” brother, Jake. He has recently become a fitness fiend. I figured it’s an interesting way to have a look into the 16 y/o psyche Laughing out loud


  • What is your favourite thing about being fit?

“Hmmm…. I had this memorized last night, just give me a minute. The feeling you get when you leave the gym is probably one of the best feelings in the world. I love how I don’t have to get motivated, like, when other people find that they have to make themselves go. I love going, it just comes naturally. I get mad when I don’t get to go on a day I planned to.”

“You could go to the gym with something bothering you, having a bad day, or stressed out, and you leave feeling a lot better.”

  • What initially made you start gyming it?

“A couple of summers ago I lived with my sister and trained with a professional trainer to get better at hockey, and I basically fell in love with the gym.”

  • Gym pet peeve?

“People with bad form. Ahh.. Or something getting in the way of your workout.”

  • What’s your favourite exercise?

“Ohhh…I’d say…Can I say a group of exercises?” “Compound exercises, barbell squats, and deadlifts. ‘Cause they work better than isolation exercises. For example a barbell curl.”

  • What does “compound exercise” mean?

“It’s where you use a combination of muscle groups to do a movement. Isolation means where you are focusing on one muscle.”

  • Can you teach me how to deadlift? I hurt my knee trying to the other day.


  • How much can you deadlift?

“Like my one rep max? Umm like 325 lbs”

  • What is your least favourite exercise?

“Isolation exercises. They aren’t as great for mass”

  • What is your favourite healthy food?

“My favourite pre-workout is probably some type of pasta, and my favourite post-workout is probably steak and taters. My favourite snack is probably cottage cheese”

  • Do you have a favourite protein shake mix?

“When I’m in a hurry I usually just throw in water and protein. If I have time I usually put like frozen berries, egg whites, oatmeal, ahhhhh, protein ahhhh, sometimes almonds.”

  • Favourite workout song?

“Probably the good ol’ classic..Oh what’s it called….the one by Eminem. Lose it?”

  • Who is your favourite athlete?

“P.K. Subban. He plays defence for Montreal. He is flashy. I play defence too. He plays on my favourite team. He’s good.”

  • What are your post-high school plans?

“Lately been thinking about going into Kinesiology. I don’t know what to do with it yet. Maybe a trainer or something”

And there you have it! A little Q&A with Jakey-poo.

That’s it for now! I know I have been lacking in posts lately, but I haven’t had a decent internet connection for the past few days.I may post again very soon!