Cheezies as my Nemesis

I’m back! This time around I plan on writing about improving my health, and I mean this in terms of mind, body and spirit.

In late August, I felt I had found my niche. I was training for a 10k race, delving into yoga (and loving it), exploring Buddhism, and practicing meditation. Healthy eating, gratitude and a positive outlook all fell into place. Then suddenly, I started to have a bit of knee pain, then subsequent foot pain, then right hip and lower back tightness and discomfort….

When I first started feeling this injury come on I had recently:

A) Upped my running mileage just slightly (from 5k to 8k)

B) Started wearing my new orthotics more often

C) Started wearing new running shoes

D) Been wearing work shoes (nursing) that in hind-site I should have ditched months ago (12 hour shifts are hard on the feet man!)

E) Just recently started doing yoga 3-4 times a week

Needless to say, this combo of factors has made figuring out what’s going on with me rather difficult!

The injuries threw a loop into my happiness for sure. My physiotherapist told me to sideline the yoga. I still don’t know how I feel about this, but have so missed it.  It wasn’t the exercise part of yoga that I loved so much, but more the calming, mind clearing effects. I haven’t truly ran in months now. I’ve noticed my eating habits have taken a turn with the season, going a little bit towards the unhealthy side. A little over a month ago I started eating gluten-free to see if it would help with any of my aches and pains. One thing is for sure, it ’s been beneficial for my blood glucose levels. My past two A1Cs (basically a 3 month blood glucose reading) have been the best I’ve had in years now.

That’s enough “sorrowful” reminiscence for now. The good thing is, lately I’ve been having lots of “Keep Your Chin Up Moments.” Despite the days being darker earlier, the lack of physical activity, and a few more unhealthy food choices than I’d like (a few too many cheezies), I’ve still been keeping a positive mindset. I plan to focus my posts on my personal growth in health & wellness, my career etc. All the things I’m most passionate about! After all, passions are the most easy to write about. This site will help keep me accountable in my journey. Maybe you will find something to help you out too Smile


Living in Dreamland

Since I last blogged

I have become Mrs. Stevens


image by Dani of Evergreen Photography

I entered my mid-twenties


image via Google

& I was the successful applicant for a new position…


image via Google, then altered by ME of course

Needless to say, July was a life changing month for me. All in good ways!

Presently, I’m on my second “bout” of vacation and on Saturday Reggie and I head to Boston (my first time) with two other great couples. I am getting pretty excited about it. It is going to be a road trip full of shopping, sightseeing and eating deliciousness. Only thing I’m starting to get concerned about? That little thing called Diabetes.

July consisted of planning, running errands, a bit of stress here and there, having houseguests, and eating awesome food. Basically, being out of any routine. My usual diet was off, my usual exercise was off and of course- my blood glucose levels have been off. Yes, I have been living in a dreamland, but it was a good one. Today marks the start of taking the reins a bit tighter in terms of diabetes, and getting back in the saddle (ahem…corny corny corn).

I’m going to insert my glucose sensor and get a good feel for my BGs and then try and keep em’ under good wraps for this Boston trip. Feeling good during travel is so important!

The next couple days will consist of some post-wedding housecleaning and some light reading:

photo (2)

Yes, I know, likely not a light read. I am looking forward to reading it though. It will definitely help me prepare for starting my new position. I am SO excited Open-mouthed smile! Diabetes education has always been an interest of mine. I’ll probably have it read in totality just before the new guidelines come out in March 2013, ha!

To finish,  can anyone recommend some MUST-SEE, MUST-DO, MUST-SHOP OR MUST-EAT stops in Boston or surrounding areas?? 

2 weeks

Well folks,

In exactly 2 weeks I will officially be “Mrs. Stevens.” Ciara Stevens… it has a nice ring to it, does it not?

I’ve been busy with last minute wedding business and interview preparation (which I will discuss at a later date). I wanted to fit in a quick blog since I haven’t done so in FOREVER. I’ve been thinking a bit about how diabetes will influence the “Big Day,” and found these blog posts talking about the topic. If you’re interested, check a few of ‘em out:

“Diabetes on My Wedding Day” from Kerri at

“Guest Post: Diabetes on Your Wedding Day” from SySy Morales of, who guest posted on

“Diabetes on My Wedding Day” by AllisonB on

After reading some of these, I’m not sure if I’ve prepared enough for the Big D on the Big Day. I do have a garter-like contraption for my thigh to hold the pump, but at some point I will need to get at that pump. It’s not very lady like to reach up and under your dress all the time. It’s at times like this that I wish Medtronic pumps had a remote! I love Kerri’s idea of popping some candy into your bouquet; very sneaky, and very smart! I’m going to do that for sure.

In other news, a few of my bridesmaids, Sharon and Ashlee were over today to help me with wedding prep. Have a look at some of our accomplishments:

photo (5)

I’m loving the yellow!

Here’s a personal touch I added to our wedding day shoes:

photo (6)

Can you see the little stickers on the soles? A Pinterest idea for sure!

That concludes my first post back in over a month. Have a great weekend Smile

Lawn mowing whilst Low (oops)

I don’t mow the lawn often (make that ever).

When I was finally old enough to run the ride-on mower, I did the “big” lawn once…and never again. I don’t think I did a very good job. Come to think of it, they never really asked me to do it again. I was the oldest child, and my younger sister did it more than I ever did. I was exempt, and I don’t think it was because of my superiority in age. I’m pretty sure it was my superiority in, well, sucking at mowing the lawn.

Yesterday I wanted to surprise Reggie by mowing. I was doing pretty well for a bit, and was actually feeling quite smug about the straight lines I thought I was producing. Our front lawn has multiple trees. Maple trees, fruit trees, you name it, it is there. They make mowing interesting, and apparently they make mowing with a low blood glucose VERY interesting.

I was soon to be finished doing the “very close to the trees” run on our last row of trees. I was spinning that wheel around like a Nascar driver. Or so I thought. 4 or 5 trees in on that row I realized I had been hit by at least one branch, either on the arm, trunk or head when passing each of the last few trees. First I laughed at myself, “man I’m clumsy!” then I thought “Or maybe I’m low…?”

Minutes later I’m in the kitchen surveying my blood sugar. Yup, 2.9mmol/L. Wow. You would have thought the first 5 or 6 hits from the trees would have been my first clue.

I was feelin’ better a few Peanut “Better” Gingersnaps later Winking smile. I know that fatty treats like a cookie are not an ideal way to treat a low, but I was feeling it.

Goodbye Cable!

Reg and I said bye bye to TV this past Monday. We figured we have enough to do this summer (our wedding, 3 or 4 other weddings, basic summer fun) that we don’t really need to pay that extra $100 a month for the boob tube.


image via Google Images

It’s been great so far. I feel like we’ve spent more quality time together; just chatting and hanging out. I’ve been getting reading done, and lots of wedding stuff too. I definitely love a good TV series (ie New Girl, Modern Family) but since they are on summer hiatus, why not us too? Who knows, it could be long term.

Reggie has had a couple relapse/withdrawal moments, but I think he’ll make it. He used to zone out SO much when watching TV. Couldn’t hear a thing I would say. It was amazing really.

Speaking of Reggie. He is awesome. He is a machine on weekends. He has been doing such a great job getting the outside ready for the wedding. Today he made some centerpieces, did laundry, made chili, cleaned the bathroom, made banana chocolate chip muffins. The list goes on. I am a lucky girl In love

We haven’t traveled down the NetFlix road yet. I would be interested to know what people think of it. My problem is that if I find out about a new series, I will need to avoid it on iTunes, or I may get into trouble. I want to save money; not spend the $100 saved through ditching cable.

Now I’m having a conundrum. I think I need a library card. I have depleted my Kindle library and need some new books. I’ve got some on a wish list but I don’t want to dish out any extra dolla dolla bills until after the weddin’. I have fallen into the “give me now” instant gratification of an iTunes or amazon account. Help!

In the diabetes side of my life not much is new. I’ve just finished three days shifts, and my sugars were pretty good. I have an appointment with my Diabetes specialist on Tuesday and I’m getting nervous. He’s a doc that I work with, so that makes it a bit more awkward too. Oh well, honesty is the best policy. I try my best!!  Wish me luck. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I’ve been stuck in a hospital for three days so not only would the pictures have been stark, but nursing related shots are pretty illegal in most cases too.

Nighty Night!

Sunday Night Giveaway!

Good evening everyone! On Friday I blogged about how excited I was for tonight’s post. The reason being what? I get to do a giveaway Open-mouthed smile

Remember all those time I’ve mentioned…

tlc from The Looneyspoons Collection? Janet and Greta are very kindly providing me with a copy of this lovely cookbook to give to one of my readers. So awesome! You may remember when I received this cookbook from Reggie the Easter Bunny? You may also have seen Greta and Janet while watching the Food Network Canada, on their show “Eat, Shrink and be Merry.”

What do I like about The Looneyspoons Collection? I like the variety; from chicken, to baked goods to “once a year indulgences.” When my sister visited, she described how she loved the many pictures in it, and I agree. A cookbook with tempting pictures makes me more motivated to get cookin’, or bakin’, or whichever your fancy.

The cookbook also provides nutritional information (including carbs and fibre), which is a plus for my diabetes friends out there! Another thing that I love is the corny humour scattered throughout the pages. Nothing makes me smile more than a corny joke, except maybe a tasty treat.

*Disclaimer: I have not been paid to endorse this cookbook. I emailed Janet and Greta to describe how much I enjoyed it, and decided to do this post on my own!

I recently made the “Funny Bones Dog Treats” and “Goody Two Chews” recipes from this book.

Cooper is pretty picky about his treats. He doesn’t like regular ol’ milkbones, or any other wholesome-ish doggy treat. He is more of a beggin’ strip kinda’ pup. Guess what though? Cooper LOVES the Funny Bones Dog Treats.


Clearly, I did not have a bone-shaped cookie-cutter at my disposal.



So obedient when there is treat potential hmmmm… Sarcastic smile

The Goody Two Chews (see what I mean by cute-corny Winking smile) are almost gone, and I only just made them yesterday! They are pumpkin pie spice flavoured goodness!





So, you may be wondering how to win this free copy of The Looneyspoons Collection. To get entered into the random draw, please comment on this post describing one of your favourite cookbooks OR a fun adventure you had this weekend.

I’ll leave the responses open until Wednesday night, at which point I will post a winner. Looking forward to reading your comments!

Nighty Night. One more day off for me then back to work!

Blast from the Past

For a quick Saturday night post, I wanted to share something I found while Goggling myself the other day (so vain, I know). It is the first online diabetes related post I ever completed (and I think it may have been with the assistance of my Mom Smile). The post is close to 13 years old.

photo (1)

Hope you guys can read that small font, but if not just check out the link. I never did post my diagnosis story on this blog, so I guess this is another way of doing it! I actually still remember sitting at the computer while we typed it up. Wow. May I take this moment to state the cliché “it feels like just yesterday.”

A Week with My Sister

Jill’s visit has really kept us busy. She usually doesn’t sleep well in beds other than her own, but each night we have both crashed from exhaustion. Here’s a brief rundown of the past few days.

Some bonding with the pooch.


We bought some supplies to make these cheese/jam/egg mcmuffins. I have days where I just can’t imagine eating eggs. After we scrambled the eggs, I figured out that this day was one of those days and the thought of eating the eggies made me gag. Jill said the jam addition was a tasty idea.


We went for a walk and the kitty followed us. Can you spot the Chester?


We had friends over for dinner, which was to happen at 6pm and we only finally decided on, and started, the actual meal around 4:30ish! We had Wakiki meatballs, quinoa and asparagus, with fruit pizza dessert. Again, good job decorating the pizza Jill. Glad I relinquished control to you Winking smile



Today we picked up Reggie from work and headed to our local sushi spot, Sushi Fang for all you can eat sushi madness.


We had a mix of Yam Veggie Tempura, Cucumber and Avocado Maki, Spicy Salmon, California Roll, and a Crab roll. We had wonton and miso soup for appys. The meal was finished with strawberry ice cream and deep-fried (nicer word is Tempura) bananas with a honey and sesame seed glaze.

After supper we went for a drive to see the beautiful sights of the Annapolis V alley.






Soon to come –> A diabetes update post including thoughts on the ol’ A1C, and eye check-ups! Woot!

Jilly comes to town!

Well hello folks.

My sister, Jillian, has made the 5 hour drive to come visit me until Sunday! 5 days, wowzers.


Jill is the one kissing the trophy.This is after they won playoffs. Actually, in the background you also get somewhat of a view of my Dad and my brother Jake.

Anywho, I’m really excited that she is here.

We met Sidney Crosby at the grocery store!


We made a quick trip to Sobey’s to get some supper materials. We actually made ANOTHER recipe from The Looneyspoon’s Cookbook, called Penne for your Thoughts. It was truly quite delish. Watch as fun ensues:

2012_0501blogshots00242012_0501blogshots00252012_0501blogshots00262012_0501blogshots00272012_0501blogshots0029Please disregard our red eyes!

Now we are having wine (homemade and store bought) (and maybe a little too much) and enjoying some chatter. We had a nice Facetime session with my Mom and her man Brian.

Tomorrow I have a diabetic clinic appointment (at which I will find out my A1C). The A1C is a number which shows your blood glucose control over the last 3 months. Then, after the ‘betes appy we will be heading to Harvest to do some registering for the wedding Smile