Night Shift Nutrients


I’ll soon be headed to my last night shift of this set. I decided I would make myself a breakfast-like supper (love the concept).

I’ve been feeling scrambled eggs lately, so I did some up and threw in orange pepper, spinach and some cheddar cheese. How’s that for a bit of pre-shift protein?

I also slathered my buttermilk waffles with some all natural crunchy peanut butter. It is very rare that I put maple syrup on my waffles. If I do, I never seem to count my carbs right, and I end up with high blood sugars. Not worth it my friends.

I, of course, topped supper-breakfast off with Laughing Whale coffee and french vanilla stevia drops.

I worked last night, and did a poor job at trying to sleep today. I couldn’t stay asleep, which progressed to the inability to fall asleep.

Sooo… I took Coop for a run instead and completed this shoulder workout from Courtney at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life - Nothing like toned shoulders!

Have a great evening, or a great shift to all you shift workers out there 🙂


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