And the Winner is…

Tonight I randomly chose the winner for the Looneyspoons Collection cookbook giveaway! By the way, the cookbook arrived in the mail today Smile


Janet & Greta – image via

The lucky commenter whom will soon have this cookbook isssss… Sharon! I used to randomly choose a number from 1-12 (since this was the number of commenters). Number 7 was randomly chosen and Sharon was commentee #7!

Thanks again for your lovely comments, and of course a big thanks to Janet and Greta for donating the book.

Have a great evening! I’m back to work for a third day shift tomorrow. This means I only have to work one night this set. Awesome!!


Counting Saucy Carbs


It’s now day 3 of D-Blog week and today’s post is the “One Thing to Improve” post. As in, one thing I could do better in terms of my ‘betes. Well, considering I had an experience with crappy carb counting on Monday night, I think that this post topic came at an opportune time.


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Reggie and I went out for supper and a movie with his aunt (HI SHIRLEY Open-mouthed smile), uncles and friends. I had a Chicken Sesame Seed Salad. I thought I would be risqué and order something with a little spice, a little sauce. You see, I tend to stick to sauce-less foods at restaurants. I normally do salmon, roasted veggies and so on because they are low in carbs and I’m less likely to have to deal with high blood glucose later on.

This day I wanted to be adventurous with the salad plus thai sauce. I ordered it up, ate it, annnnnd bombed my carb counting. Totally under-did it, and when we got home from the post-supper movie (Dark Shadows) my sugar was 19.1mmol/L. Oops.

I think I could get better at carb counting, and I may even make an appointment with the dietician at my next diabetes appointment. I just recently learned to subtract the fibre content from my total carbs when carb counting. How the heck did I not know this?? What else do I not know!?

I never ask the waitress/waiter about nutritional info when eating out, and maybe I should start doing so. Truth is though, I need to live a little too. At least I got a yummy salad….Right?

Here is a link to a little Carb Counting Info Sheet from the Canadian Diabetes Association for your viewing pleasure. It’s pretty basic stuff, but we all get a little cocky in our old diabetes age right? A little review never hurts: Basic Carbohydrate Counting for Diabetes Management

Sunday Night Giveaway!

Good evening everyone! On Friday I blogged about how excited I was for tonight’s post. The reason being what? I get to do a giveaway Open-mouthed smile

Remember all those time I’ve mentioned…

tlc from The Looneyspoons Collection? Janet and Greta are very kindly providing me with a copy of this lovely cookbook to give to one of my readers. So awesome! You may remember when I received this cookbook from Reggie the Easter Bunny? You may also have seen Greta and Janet while watching the Food Network Canada, on their show “Eat, Shrink and be Merry.”

What do I like about The Looneyspoons Collection? I like the variety; from chicken, to baked goods to “once a year indulgences.” When my sister visited, she described how she loved the many pictures in it, and I agree. A cookbook with tempting pictures makes me more motivated to get cookin’, or bakin’, or whichever your fancy.

The cookbook also provides nutritional information (including carbs and fibre), which is a plus for my diabetes friends out there! Another thing that I love is the corny humour scattered throughout the pages. Nothing makes me smile more than a corny joke, except maybe a tasty treat.

*Disclaimer: I have not been paid to endorse this cookbook. I emailed Janet and Greta to describe how much I enjoyed it, and decided to do this post on my own!

I recently made the “Funny Bones Dog Treats” and “Goody Two Chews” recipes from this book.

Cooper is pretty picky about his treats. He doesn’t like regular ol’ milkbones, or any other wholesome-ish doggy treat. He is more of a beggin’ strip kinda’ pup. Guess what though? Cooper LOVES the Funny Bones Dog Treats.


Clearly, I did not have a bone-shaped cookie-cutter at my disposal.



So obedient when there is treat potential hmmmm… Sarcastic smile

The Goody Two Chews (see what I mean by cute-corny Winking smile) are almost gone, and I only just made them yesterday! They are pumpkin pie spice flavoured goodness!





So, you may be wondering how to win this free copy of The Looneyspoons Collection. To get entered into the random draw, please comment on this post describing one of your favourite cookbooks OR a fun adventure you had this weekend.

I’ll leave the responses open until Wednesday night, at which point I will post a winner. Looking forward to reading your comments!

Nighty Night. One more day off for me then back to work!