A Week with My Sister

Jill’s visit has really kept us busy. She usually doesn’t sleep well in beds other than her own, but each night we have both crashed from exhaustion. Here’s a brief rundown of the past few days.

Some bonding with the pooch.


We bought some supplies to make these cheese/jam/egg mcmuffins. I have days where I just can’t imagine eating eggs. After we scrambled the eggs, I figured out that this day was one of those days and the thought of eating the eggies made me gag. Jill said the jam addition was a tasty idea.


We went for a walk and the kitty followed us. Can you spot the Chester?


We had friends over for dinner, which was to happen at 6pm and we only finally decided on, and started, the actual meal around 4:30ish! We had Wakiki meatballs, quinoa and asparagus, with fruit pizza dessert. Again, good job decorating the pizza Jill. Glad I relinquished control to you Winking smile



Today we picked up Reggie from work and headed to our local sushi spot, Sushi Fang for all you can eat sushi madness.


We had a mix of Yam Veggie Tempura, Cucumber and Avocado Maki, Spicy Salmon, California Roll, and a Crab roll. We had wonton and miso soup for appys. The meal was finished with strawberry ice cream and deep-fried (nicer word is Tempura) bananas with a honey and sesame seed glaze.

After supper we went for a drive to see the beautiful sights of the Annapolis V alley.






Soon to come –> A diabetes update post including thoughts on the ol’ A1C, and eye check-ups! Woot!


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