Lawn mowing whilst Low (oops)

I don’t mow the lawn often (make that ever).

When I was finally old enough to run the ride-on mower, I did the “big” lawn once…and never again. I don’t think I did a very good job. Come to think of it, they never really asked me to do it again. I was the oldest child, and my younger sister did it more than I ever did. I was exempt, and I don’t think it was because of my superiority in age. I’m pretty sure it was my superiority in, well, sucking at mowing the lawn.

Yesterday I wanted to surprise Reggie by mowing. I was doing pretty well for a bit, and was actually feeling quite smug about the straight lines I thought I was producing. Our front lawn has multiple trees. Maple trees, fruit trees, you name it, it is there. They make mowing interesting, and apparently they make mowing with a low blood glucose VERY interesting.

I was soon to be finished doing the “very close to the trees” run on our last row of trees. I was spinning that wheel around like a Nascar driver. Or so I thought. 4 or 5 trees in on that row I realized I had been hit by at least one branch, either on the arm, trunk or head when passing each of the last few trees. First I laughed at myself, “man I’m clumsy!” then I thought “Or maybe I’m low…?”

Minutes later I’m in the kitchen surveying my blood sugar. Yup, 2.9mmol/L. Wow. You would have thought the first 5 or 6 hits from the trees would have been my first clue.

I was feelin’ better a few Peanut “Better” Gingersnaps later Winking smile. I know that fatty treats like a cookie are not an ideal way to treat a low, but I was feeling it.


Goodbye Cable!

Reg and I said bye bye to TV this past Monday. We figured we have enough to do this summer (our wedding, 3 or 4 other weddings, basic summer fun) that we don’t really need to pay that extra $100 a month for the boob tube.


image via Google Images

It’s been great so far. I feel like we’ve spent more quality time together; just chatting and hanging out. I’ve been getting reading done, and lots of wedding stuff too. I definitely love a good TV series (ie New Girl, Modern Family) but since they are on summer hiatus, why not us too? Who knows, it could be long term.

Reggie has had a couple relapse/withdrawal moments, but I think he’ll make it. He used to zone out SO much when watching TV. Couldn’t hear a thing I would say. It was amazing really.

Speaking of Reggie. He is awesome. He is a machine on weekends. He has been doing such a great job getting the outside ready for the wedding. Today he made some centerpieces, did laundry, made chili, cleaned the bathroom, made banana chocolate chip muffins. The list goes on. I am a lucky girl In love

We haven’t traveled down the NetFlix road yet. I would be interested to know what people think of it. My problem is that if I find out about a new series, I will need to avoid it on iTunes, or I may get into trouble. I want to save money; not spend the $100 saved through ditching cable.

Now I’m having a conundrum. I think I need a library card. I have depleted my Kindle library and need some new books. I’ve got some on a wish list but I don’t want to dish out any extra dolla dolla bills until after the weddin’. I have fallen into the “give me now” instant gratification of an iTunes or amazon account. Help!

In the diabetes side of my life not much is new. I’ve just finished three days shifts, and my sugars were pretty good. I have an appointment with my Diabetes specialist on Tuesday and I’m getting nervous. He’s a doc that I work with, so that makes it a bit more awkward too. Oh well, honesty is the best policy. I try my best!!  Wish me luck. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I’ve been stuck in a hospital for three days so not only would the pictures have been stark, but nursing related shots are pretty illegal in most cases too.

Nighty Night!