Home Workout Fashion Sense

What’s that? You’re wondering about the benefits of working out at home? Well, let me tell you there are many.

1. For those of you who don’t feel comfortable at the gym, a home workout is rather perfect! There are many body weight workouts out there that require only you and a bit of motivation.

2. You can also listen to whatever music like, and LOUDLY! Nicki Minaj? You got it. Drake? You got it. Taylor Swift (kinda weird for workout music), but GO FOR IT.

3. You can drink water from a glass.

4. You can get your workout in without worrying about time “wasted” during the commute.

5. Most important– You don’t have to worry about how you appear. No one is going to be snickering at your squats. Personally, I workout a lot at home because I am just SO scared that people will try to steal my workout fashion sense.


See? There is a lot at stake.

No, I do not normally dress like this. I don’t ever pull out my Team Diabetes jersey for workouts, but last night it felt right.

I don’t usually wear soft, furry socks to workout, but last night I just thought I wouldn’t bother changing them.

I don’t usually tuck in my shirt, but hey why not?

I don’t carry around a bottle of glucose tablets with…. oh wait, yeah… I guess I do do that. I do wear the pump that you see on my right hip. I usually wear a headband AND I do usually look pretty kick ass.

My fave workout attire right now includes a couple new shirts and a sports bra from Lulu Lemon.

The Cool Racerback (extra long) ( I bought 2, one extra long and one not extra long)


The Flow Y Bra IV


I love the tanks because they are long enough that they don’t ride up while you run/workout. I like the bra mostly because it gets the job done, and is pretty 🙂

I work out in the basement here at home. It’s always a little cold down there so I start off with a sweater and then peel off layers as I get overheated. Normally I’ll wear some shorts and a tank.

I do enjoy going to an actual gym. However; I can do most of what I would do at the gym, at home. I don’t use the machines in the weight room, because I believe that body weight exercises or using weights are just as good or better. We have a treadmill and the outdoors for cardio. I like getting my workout in in the morning and then jumping in the shower and starting my day. Skipping the 20 minute (both ways) commute is ideal for me. We have a small workout bench with bench press, lat-pull down, various dumbbells, yoga mat, medicine ball, skipping rope, kettle ball and exercise ball. Those are my most used pieces of equipment (and pretty much our only equipment).

I had an 8 hour education day at work today, which was great. It was good review and I learned some things too! Then I went to one of my fave boutiques called Harvest (as previously mentioned, I have a problem with boutiques) and here I bought a b-day gift. I found a dress that I love, and may just have to splurge on. I do have 5 weddings (aside from our own, I already have a dress for that) to attend this summer, along with a few showers, and a rehearsal dinner. So I think a few new dresses are lovely investments.

I came home and kind of stuffed my face. Reggie had bought us some sushi for sup (which we love). I had that, then a few girl guide cookies (the vanilla ones) and maybe a few other things… I wasn’t exactly the perfect picture of healthy eating tonight. Oh well, we all have our days right?

Have a good evening ya’ll! I’m back to work tomorrow for 2 days and then 2 nights. I work 12 hour shifts so likely won’t be posting for a bit, unless I can fit in a few short posts.

Wanted to finish with a question: Do any of you have any tricks for eating well while working shift work or night shifts? Or just all around health tricks for shift work? 


“That Woman”

Good evening!!

This morning I stuck to my guns and had a lovely Green Monster smoothie for breakfast. It included 1 tbsp ground flax, 2 large handfuls of organic spinach, 1 large banana, 1.25 cups of coconut milk and a handful of frozen blueberries (from last year’s garden!). It was delish! I found the coconut milk gave it a bit of a tangy taste. Does anyone else find coconut milk a bit tangy? This was my first box of it, maybe it was sour coconut milk? Hmm..

Coop and I went for another run/walk today. The run component was interrupted by another low bg, which I treated with glucose tabs and continued on at a walking pace. I need to get that pre-exercise routine figured out so my bg will stay stable, problem is I usually exercise differently each day.

I went to lunch with a friend and her new babe today. I’ll call her S. We ate at my fave hometown spot. It was delish as usual, and very busy! We both had a cheddar, apple, and ham focaccia sammy with a side Waldorf salad(both  faves). We had a lovely lunch, interrupted only briefly by “that woman.”

I will explain “that woman.” She is a bit on the loud side, utterly opinionated and eternally negative. Ever met someone like that?

I actually have no idea who she was, but she was in the booth next to us and a few of her comments were difficult to miss. To her friend across from her she said “So, how’s your A1C*?” “How’s your creatinine*?” and a slew of negative comments. Those with diabetes will understand how annoying the question “What is your A1C?” can be. Of course, from some people you do not mind this question (your doc, your diabetes educator, your manfriend, good friends) but when said with a certain tone it can be annoying. She may as well have said “So how is your control of your diabetes over the last 3 months?” or “How is that one number that doesn’t take a whole lot into account?” or “Please be aware that I am ready to judge your ability to care for yourself based upon your A1C”. She could have just simply said “how are you coping with your diabetes?” or “how do you find it affects your life” etc… something a little more meaningful than a single number. Whoa, that was a little diabetes vent fest.

*A1c = referring to a blood test that describes your average blood glucose control over the past 3 months 

*creatinine= a blood test that measures kidney function 

I finished painting our entry way wall this morning.



Quite bright eh?? Definitely goes with my blue obsession I’ve got going on right now. I don’t actually have that rocking chair, and stool crammed into the entry way. I just thought I would show some of the blue inspiration I had. I am also wearing a teal blue headband and there is teal in my shorts (just a side-note).

If anyone would like to purchase the lovely cushions in the background in the kitchen, on the wooden chair. Just e-mail me. They are yours—>free! 😀 I am planning on re-upholstering those soon!

Supper tonight included baked asparagus coated with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and parmesan chz, steamed broccoli, sweet potato fries with curry dip and pecan/maple chicken. It was great! I got the chicken recipe from my new Betty Crocker cookbook.


Finally, a few outdoor candids with Coop and Chester:

Reggie has been piling wood in our backyard (which I, of course, partially knocked over yesterday while trying to get a photo of a raccoon up a tree :S), and Cooper likes to take small pieces of this piled wood to use as sticks for chewing, fetch etc.


Chester likes to chew on the first few flowers coming up this Spring. Image


The Sweatabetes Blues

Good morning all!

I woke up this morning to a sunny, but rather chilly day (about -4). It looked like a beauty day for a run though, so I planned on doing so for my morning workout. Today I finished off a box of organic oatmeal that I have been loving lately, with flavors like flax, apple cinnamon and multi-grain raisin. I am planning on making green monsters my go to breakfast for the next little while (green monster = smoothie with spinach in it). No worries, you cannot taste the spinach!


So I prepped for the run by eating my oatmeal and turning down the basal rate on my pump (the basal rate is the amount of hourly insulin I receive). I think I was a little too eager to get moving this morning, and didn’t wait long enough after eating before I exercised.

Before the run my sugar was:


Most of the run (turned run/walk) I felt pretty good, except maybe a bit sluggish from not waiting long enough after eating a bowl of oatmeal before running :S. Coop behaved himself for a bit before biting on the leash on and off.


Around the 5 km mark I started to feel a low blood sugar coming on. I treated with 4 glucose tabs. When I got home my glucometer revealed:Image

So I re-treated again with some yummy pineapple juice. I’m hoping I didn’t overdo it, leading to a high bg later on. Oh the trials and tribulations of sweatabetes. (Exercise for diabetics) 😉

I picked up some pine cones along the way today. I’ve been collecting for a while now to use as wedding decor. Image

That’s it for now. The rest of today is going to involve painting, organizing a guest bedroom and possibly a little workout out from my girl Jillian Michaels. My co-workers are starting to call me Jillian because I refer to her so much. What can I say? She’s motivational! Here’s the video I plan on doing:


Workin’ on it

I “worked” on a lot of things today: Our wedding. Our home. My fitness, and the fitness of others. My last project today is this post, and then I’m going to “hit the hay” for the night (as my Dad would say).

This morning started with a workout from “The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises.” I chose to do the Wedding Workout, which has 2 phases to be completed over 8 weeks. I doubt I will stick to it as a strict program, but figured it seemed appropriate. The warm-up included 10 minutes of cardio followed by lunges, shoulder work, planks and medicine ball throw-downs. Fun stuff! I’m realizing I really love exercises that don’t seem like exercises, like throwing a medicine ball at the floor, or flipping a tractor tire. I did grow up on a farm after all.

My post workout blood glucose looked pretty damn good:

For those who don’t know, 4-6mmol\L is considered a normal blood glucose reading. I have difficulty gauging how much insulin to take/not take before, after and during a workout. It’s a work in progress. I’m also working on decreasing the amount of low blood glucose levels (bgs) I have. Low = <4mmol/L.

I had to work a bit today at the Cardiac Rehabilitation program. I work full-time in Intensive Care as an RN, and do a little on the side at Cardiac Rehab. The program helps to rehabilitate patient’s who have had heart attacks or other cardiac issues. I help out in the exercise portion, where the patients do some cardio and strength training. It’s nice to see patients that I’ve had in ICU back up and at it, pumpin’ iron at Cardiac Rehab. That type of progression is great for my job satisfaction.

After Cardiac Rehab I went on a mini-shopping spree; landing myself some new paint, wall decor, quilt comforters for our guestrooms and cookbooks. Yay for Home Depot, Winners and a little boutique called Anatolia. I have a definite soft spot for boutiques. “Soft spot” sounds better than “addiction”.

The paint color:

It’s by Behr paint and is called “Caribe”. In terms of colors, I’ve really been into blues and teals lately. I hope this color does not look absolutely insane on the door in our kitchen and on a small wall in our entry-way. It has to be better than the dusty rose color that precedes it. Right?

The new cookbooks:

I can’t help but feel a little Perez Hilton-like when I look at those sloppy red arrows I drew in there. The Betty Crocker Cookbook looks AWESOME. It is full of the down and dirty recipes you need to know how to make. Like “chocolate glaze” or “steamed clams”. The Vegetable Cookbook looks great too. I bought it mostly to entice myself to eat more veggies. More veggies, less carbs. More veggies, less carbs.

I finished the day (and shopping spree, eeekkk) at a Silpada Jewelry Party. Where I bought these lovely ladies:

Note: I do not usually refer to my jewelry as ladies. But pearls are just so feminine right?

I bought these specifically for the wedding day. I’m thinking they will go great with the dress. Should be receiving them in the mail in the next week!

I want to finish this post with 3 pics. First, a shot of Chester from earlier today while I was making lasagna (stuffed with a ton of spinach) for supper. He was sitting on the counter watching me prep the meal, looking oh so perplexed. When his ears and eyes go wonky like this I feel like it means he is confused, or thoughtful maybe.

And now, looking less wonky-eared, and more wise.

Secondly, here’s a beauty photo I took in the fall. Reg and I went for a fall walk and I wanted him to pose with the trees. Such a natural eh? He’s got that “far away look” down 🙂

Asparagus & Aspergillus

Hi there! I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for quite some time now. I blogged a bit in university, and have really felt the urge lately. Why did I call this post Asparagus and Aspergillus? Well, I feel like it lends to explain the sort of mish-mash blog that this may be. Why asparagus? I have varied interests including fitness, healthy eating, and mixing the two with type one diabetes. Why aspergillus? It semi-rhymes and lends to my nursing background. I have been an RN for 3 years now, working in an intensive care unit.

A little about me and a brief rundown of my sweetest motivations: Firstly, I’m 24 but some people say I seem a bit beyond my years. I take it as a compliment! I have had type 1 diabetes (controlled by insulin via insulin pump) for 13 years. I have daily diabetes-related struggles and triumphs that I am likely to mention from time to time.

I enjoy exercise especially in the form of running, strength training and bootcamp style classes. Lately I am especially motivated to be fit due to our wedding coming up in July! My fiancé’s name is Reggie and he is best you could ask for. I am constantly trying to improve my eating habits, one large motivator being how much better I feel when I eat well, and also my blood glucose control. One thing I hope this blog will show is that despite a chronic illness, people can live healthy, active lifestyles. I hope to inspire and motivate others to do so.

Reggie and I are realitively new homeowners, having bought our first home approximately 1.5 years ago. We have been putting personal touches on our homestead and posts of this nature are likely to pop up.

We have two nut-job pets that we love: Cooper (the husky/shepard/lab/beagle) and Chester (the Tabby cat). These two prizes will also be mentioned on occasion.