End of May Flowers

Today I ran my fastest 5k since..well, since whenever my Nike GPS app started stalking me. It felt nice. It was 30 mins, something seconds. I’d like to do some sub-30s soon. Truth is though, after my run, you could barely tell I had ran.


Kidding! I was a lovely sweaty mess. As per usual!

Any other people blessed with Diabetes who frequently eat meals out of containers such as this?:


Yeah, I measure a lot of things (things being food). For those who don’t know, type one diabetics like myself determine insulin requirements for meals by looking at the carbohydrate component in their meal. That’s what I was doing this morning when I measured out my vanilla greek yogurt. No need to dirty two dishes!

I took a few photos today as I watered our flowers:


One of my faves is this purple clematis.


I also like this tiny rose tree. I have no idea what it is actually called. Maybe some sort of crab apple? If it is in fact a crab apple tree, than it is quite humorous that I have been calling it a “tiny rose tree.”

2012_0531blogshots0010 2012_0531blogshots0011

I did play around with the color of the lilacs. They are definitely pretty without any altering but I wanted to make them even more vibrant!


The kids, hanging out.


Some Irises. I didn’t alter the color of these at all. They are beautiful!

2012_0531blogshots0022 2012_0531blogshots0019

2012_0531blogshots0020 2012_0531blogshots0021

Lastly, a couple petunias.


Ever notice how nature mimics the human body? Every once in a while I look at trees and think “those really do look like lungs,” or I’ll look at a walnut and think “Yup, looks like a brain, totally one hemisphere of a brain.” For example, the above petunias; when I look at the darker purple lines I think “veins…obviously.” If you thought I was going to mention the irises, you are wrong.

Closing thought. If April showers brought us May flowers. Then what is May to June? May ______ brings June _____. ???

I know that for me, June is again a month about showers. 3 wedding showers. Wow.


If someone offers you ground cover…

Well, I didn’t quite do all the posts for diabetes blog week. Work and life got in the way…again!

I hope you had an awesome long weekend because I know I did.

Thanks to my Nana (Peggy) and my Mom (Patty)…


…the flower beds at our house are looking awesome. We weeded, we edged, we dug rocks out of their hiding spots, we planted, we transplanted. I couldn’t help but think in medical terms while “transplanting” the plants. If only an organ transplant could be so easy- cut it out, stick it in, and water it like hell. Nope, a new ticker or new kidney just does not work this way. Ahhh, the wonders of mother nature.

We hit the local flower spot with vengeance and purchased a good amount of pretty annuals and perennials that definitely perked up the Stevens/Lamoreau yard.

Mom and Nana certainly know how to clean, garden and SHOP. Since I worked 4 day shifts prior to their arrival, I didn’t have much time for housekeeping. No worrying necessary however, because within minutes (literally) the house looked 10x cleaner. The Peggy/Patty tag team rolled through. Reggie and I could barely keep up.

The first morning we did a decent amount of gardening, stopping only for nutrition and hydration. Next, we were off shopping. Once home from shopping we were putting those plants in the ground ASAP. Reggie mentioned how he figured it would be time to chill out once we got home, considering he had been working outside all day, but he ended up having to pick up the whipper-snipper just to fit in.

Good times Smile

One of my favourite lines from the weekend came from my Nana when she said: “If anyone ever tries to offer you ground cover, you turn, and you RUN!” Haha..it just cracks me up; one of the reasons being that one of my co-workers offered me ground cover a few days prior. Little did I know I should have turned and run for my life. Oh the things you’ll learn.

A few photos to finish off this post:

The first top-down Jeep drive of the year. You could barely distinguish the water from the horizon in Morden; It was so clear and calm.


I always do the first Jeep drive whilst naked. It’s more exhilarating this way (kidding, I was wearing a strapless top Winking smile).


Lounging on the lawn with the pets after a day of deck building and herb garden planting



Lastly- If you could take a minute to check out www.valleylifecycle.ca that would be so awesome. This is an event taking place in Kentville, Nova Scotia. It’s only purpose is to promote healthy lifestyles. How great is that?

I’m helping out one of my co-workers who is trying to get many page hits. The hits will help him to make this Health Promotion event even more successful!