Jilly comes to town!

Well hello folks.

My sister, Jillian, has made the 5 hour drive to come visit me until Sunday! 5 days, wowzers.


Jill is the one kissing the trophy.This is after they won playoffs. Actually, in the background you also get somewhat of a view of my Dad and my brother Jake.

Anywho, I’m really excited that she is here.

We met Sidney Crosby at the grocery store!


We made a quick trip to Sobey’s to get some supper materials. We actually made ANOTHER recipe from The Looneyspoon’s Cookbook, called Penne for your Thoughts. It was truly quite delish. Watch as fun ensues:

2012_0501blogshots00242012_0501blogshots00252012_0501blogshots00262012_0501blogshots00272012_0501blogshots0029Please disregard our red eyes!

Now we are having wine (homemade and store bought) (and maybe a little too much) and enjoying some chatter. We had a nice Facetime session with my Mom and her man Brian.

Tomorrow I have a diabetic clinic appointment (at which I will find out my A1C). The A1C is a number which shows your blood glucose control over the last 3 months. Then, after the ‘betes appy we will be heading to Harvest to do some registering for the wedding Smile


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