Sunday Night Giveaway!

Good evening everyone! On Friday I blogged about how excited I was for tonight’s post. The reason being what? I get to do a giveaway Open-mouthed smile

Remember all those time I’ve mentioned…

tlc from The Looneyspoons Collection? Janet and Greta are very kindly providing me with a copy of this lovely cookbook to give to one of my readers. So awesome! You may remember when I received this cookbook from Reggie the Easter Bunny? You may also have seen Greta and Janet while watching the Food Network Canada, on their show “Eat, Shrink and be Merry.”

What do I like about The Looneyspoons Collection? I like the variety; from chicken, to baked goods to “once a year indulgences.” When my sister visited, she described how she loved the many pictures in it, and I agree. A cookbook with tempting pictures makes me more motivated to get cookin’, or bakin’, or whichever your fancy.

The cookbook also provides nutritional information (including carbs and fibre), which is a plus for my diabetes friends out there! Another thing that I love is the corny humour scattered throughout the pages. Nothing makes me smile more than a corny joke, except maybe a tasty treat.

*Disclaimer: I have not been paid to endorse this cookbook. I emailed Janet and Greta to describe how much I enjoyed it, and decided to do this post on my own!

I recently made the “Funny Bones Dog Treats” and “Goody Two Chews” recipes from this book.

Cooper is pretty picky about his treats. He doesn’t like regular ol’ milkbones, or any other wholesome-ish doggy treat. He is more of a beggin’ strip kinda’ pup. Guess what though? Cooper LOVES the Funny Bones Dog Treats.


Clearly, I did not have a bone-shaped cookie-cutter at my disposal.



So obedient when there is treat potential hmmmm… Sarcastic smile

The Goody Two Chews (see what I mean by cute-corny Winking smile) are almost gone, and I only just made them yesterday! They are pumpkin pie spice flavoured goodness!





So, you may be wondering how to win this free copy of The Looneyspoons Collection. To get entered into the random draw, please comment on this post describing one of your favourite cookbooks OR a fun adventure you had this weekend.

I’ll leave the responses open until Wednesday night, at which point I will post a winner. Looking forward to reading your comments!

Nighty Night. One more day off for me then back to work!


21 thoughts on “Sunday Night Giveaway!

  1. My fun adventure this past weekend would have to be on Mothers Day!
    It wasn’t technically an “adventure” but I really did enjoy it! Myself and other family members went to a BBQ at my Nana’s. Man does she and my mom know how to cook! We had: potato salad, taco salad, baked beans, bbq’d steak, turkey sausage and hotdogs! For Dessert was white cake, covered with a strawberry glaze, whipped cream and sliced strawberries, or strawberry cupcakes with pink cream cheese frosting.. Talk about YUMMM. It’s truly hard to beat spending time with the ones you love while enjoying delicious cooking. 🙂

  2. Hi Ciara! I’ve heard so much about you from yer momma! I”m as excited for your wedding as she is. Yer momma exudes happiness which is a great thing for me at 6:45 am everyday. You are a lucky gal to have her. I must say even though my career and life pretty much center around food, I have not tried one of these infamous cook books. When I saw the dried cranberries in your above post, it reminded me of the oatmeal I try to mimc from McDs. I just buy dried unsweetened cranberries and raisins from bulk barn then sprinkle them into about 1/3 cup oatmeal with a tiny bit of brown sugar and about 1/4 diced apple. It’s nummy and no temptation to get a mcmuffin. I’ll keep up no your blog. Ciao Ciara!

    • Thanks for your comment Gillian! I agree, I am lucky to have such a great Mama :). That oatmeal sounds delish. The added apple is a great idea. Nice to “meet” you through my blog 🙂

  3. I have used their other cookbooks many times and loved it! Right now my favourite cookbook is just plain old Better Homes and Gardens! It is my go to for old favourites and lots of great baking recipes. I think it is one of those “staple” cookbooks that everyone should own:) I’ve been creeping your blog lots such a great idea!

  4. Those goody two chews look delicious! However, if you are into the practice of extreme chewing, the name might seem less fitting. I tried extreme chewing at supper the other night and there was nothing left of the bite after 27 chews! (extreme chewing, google it, it’s nuts!)

    I digress…a classic cookbook that should find its way to all kitchens, in my opinion, is The Joy of Cooking. Well it’s more of a resource. Arguably a cooking bible. It is wordy, but only where it should be. Describing anything and everything, from cuts of meat to the canning process. A must have.

    On the other hand- the looney spoons collection has had rave reviews in my circle of kitchen kats. Mostly for the fun presentation and healthful variety.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • HAHA! I have never heard of extreme chewing. I must google this ASAP. I definitely think you need to start a blog Sharon. I love your writing style 🙂

  5. You are doing a great job, love the posts. I love the cookbook, have one myself. If I happen to win I might pay it forward and give it to someone so they can enjoy all the great recipes in it. Keep up the great job!!

  6. My fav cookbook is the Taste of Home magazine that comes every other month. It’s like getting a new cookbook everytime. There are lots of pictures and most of the recipes have the diabetic exchange as well as all the other info(cal, fiber etc). The best thing about is i have every ingredient in my cupboard. I have tried many a recipe on you Ciara when you were growing up. I’m so glad you got your Mom’s love of cooking-nothing like making a batch of bread to get rid of some frustations, or making the house smell good with that batch of cookies. Love your blogs.

    • Thanks again for your nice comment Lois! I definitely remember sitting at your kitchen table with Greg, eating yummy treats :). Do you remember the cookbook we made as a class when Greg and I were in Kindergarten? I actually made the yogurt squares that Greg put in the cookbook the other day. Oh the memories!

      • I still have that cook book Ciara. Thought I’d give it to Greg some day. It’s quite precious to me-love all the pictures that you kids all drew all your pages. That yogurt square recipe is one my grandmother gave me-she was a diabetic too Ciara so she used to make them a lot for herself as she just had to have a sweet with that cup of tea (must be where I got it from).

    • I also love Taste of Home. I used to collect them and had hundreds, until I realized that I never actually made any of the recipes!!

  7. This past weekend, I took my mother to a couple ticket auctions and I bought some 50/50 tickets. I told my Mom that if I won I would split the 50/50 with her for Mother’s day. I never win anything so I didn’t give it another thought…..until the phone rang and they told me that I had won the 50/50 draw – $187.50 – yay!!!!! Mom said that I didn’t have to give her half, but I still gave her $80 and I kept the rest. So, it turned out to be a great Mother’s Day weekend for both of us!

  8. I am so sick and tired of hearing you talk about this cookbook and it’s awesomeness that if I don’t win it…I’m just gonna buy it! My fun adventure this weekend was DJing a work party…we all know how awkward those are! I mean really, how do you come to work and be professional after you have seen them drunk and dirty dancing in the space in front of your DJ booth? anyways, it was fun!

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