Back On Track

Since I arrived home vacation I feel like I’ve been a little “off track” with my eating habits. See Exhibit A.

Exhibit A


But hey, it’s all about moderation right? I made the above cookies for the baby shower I hosted earlier in the week. They are ginger molasses cookies infused with peanut butter. Mmmm…. sounds enticing, no? They are from the Looneyspoons Collection cook book that I mentioned in the past. One of the perks of hosting the shower? Many leftover treats! The downside? A few elevated blood glucose levels. Oops! I’m not perfect.

This morning I woke up to a cuddly little creature in my bed:


Ha! Nope, Reggie was already at work when I awoke. Here’s the true photo:


Oh Chessy, so unpredictable. He’s either somewhat into cuddles or he is like a grumpy old man who only wants to be left alone (no ageism intended). I like it when he is half asleep, and in a somewhat intoxicated state. This is when he lets me pick him up and really get a good cuddle on.

After some honey/natural peanut butter on an english muffin for breakfast, I headed to the basement for an interval workout from Courtney at See it here. I decreased the interval length to 30 seconds from 45.

Then Coop and I went for a walk in the rain. The trees were just shelter enough to keep us pretty dry though.


I love how green the grass is getting! Spring time is so refreshing.

The fruit trees in our yard are all beginning to bloom. Check out the pretty blossoms on one of our peach trees. They smell really great too! :


Another sure sign of spring foliage; Forsythia!


I cut a few pieces off of our Forsythia bush about a week and half ago, and it bloomed early inside our home.

Before I hit the hay (go to bed in Ciara language) I wanted to let you in on a new product that I love. My friend Ashley gave it to me for Christmas. It is called Pajama Paste from FHF or Farmhouse Fresh.


(image via

I have found that many products make a lot of promises, so I don’t tend to expect too too much. However, this face mask (which is 99.6% natural!) has had notable results. I have definitely noticed a decrease in redness, and my skin seems to have a more even appearance (it temporarily “shrinks” pores). It smells good, and I love the slight tingle it causes. I also like that it only needs to stay on for about 15 minutes. Check it out at Made You Blush is a chain of make-up and beauty supply shops that originated near my hometown in New Brunswick. It is a ladies paradise in there. 

Tomorrow I plan to go for a hike (weather permitting, it seems like its been raining for days!) and to get in a good lower body workout. Nighty Night!


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