Long time No See

Well hello there,


..long time no see!

I’ve been busy (a phrase I will continue to say, frequently, for the next 50ish days).

Wedding business has been the epicenter of my days off. I picked up this little thing called a marriage licence today. Apparently, it’s “important.” Pish-posh I say.

I’ve had some good workouts lately, which is nice because my first wedding dress fitting is June 10th! Eek!

I’ve also made some yummy suppers, including but not limited to: pork souvlaki pitas with tzatziki sauce; pasta with spinach, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and a cheesy white sauce, and a yummy rice dish (actually I used quinoa) which includes dates, cinnamon etc (recipe via Sharon) Smile. It is an awesome mix of sweet and savoury. Note: souvlaki & tzatziki are both words that necessitated Google for correct spelling.

I’ve also had my fair share of one of my fave treats:


Once, I ate a whole container in 1 day. Bad Idea. Not only does this stuff have a substantial amount of sugar in it. It also has a substantial amount of fire power. It may be too much information, but after eating a full container in one day, I spent most of a night shift in the little girls room. Explosive. Yeah.

Also, speaking of sugar. I have had a ridiculous amount of difficult to explain high blood sugars in the past few days. Whoa. I’m pretty sure my sets are clogging and kinking easily. Since I have started wearing my new pump I have had a few diabetes mix-ups. I’m pretty sure it’s not the pump, but it {the pump} has taken a verbal beating over the past few days. I was annoyed after a “No Delivery” alarm, after eating a delicious breakfast. The subsequent bg? 25mmol/L.  I was perturbed after discovering a bg of 19mmol/L soon after starting a night shift. I was frustrated this morning when I woke up to 17mmol/L. What the heck???? Highs don’t happen this often for me.

I changed my set and reviewed the potential causes. If my insulin were bad than I probably wouldn’t have had control like I did the two days previous. Pretty sure the set was the problem. I used to get away with 4 days using the same infusion set. Now I think 3 is my max. What is the world coming to Winking smile. I think I’ll live. I always do!!

This morning I went to get my hair re-foiled, and to have a wedding day hair consult. T’was fun! I can’t wait to hang out with all my bridesmaids that morning Open-mouthed smile!


Lookin’ fab and gettin’ foiled.

Has anyone read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold?


I know it was a phenomenon quite a while back, when the movie came out and whatnot. I avoided reading it because I thought it sounded a bit dark and depressing. However; I did just finish it, and actually really enjoyed it. I thought that Sebold’s writing was fantastic!

Has anyone read a  great book lately? I’m in reading mode, and am looking for suggestions Nerd smile


4 thoughts on “Long time No See

  1. “explosive” haha… girl, you can be my friend any day if that’s the case!
    Also, I go through periods of time where all my sites seem to cause me problems. I don’t know how to fix it… sometimes it just fixes itself.

    • Yeah, I didn’t know if it was scar tissue or weird positioning..or sometimes I find they clot off if I’m working out more. I don’t know. I’m just going to roll with it for now.

  2. Lovely Bones is my all time favourite book! As for suggestions, if you haven’t already read The Help, I would. As always, the book is even better than the movie. I also just finished the first Hunger Games book (so cliche, I know). It’s an easy read!

    • We must have the same reading tastes. I read the Hunger Games triology and the Help. Loved them both. I think next I am going to read “The Selection” by Keira Cass.. sounds interesting!

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