Sweet Spring!

I started this morning off with an energizing green monster smoothie. I threw in some blueberries so it actually appeared a little more brown than green! I like bright green better but it hit the spot.


I successfully completed two 5 am workouts prior to heading to work on Saturday and Sunday. At work I experienced a mood and energy boost, and also had more energy when I arrived home after work than usual. Also to note, my sugars were awesome over the past 4 days- ranging mostly 5-8mmol/L. These early morning pre-work workout sessions may need to stay part of my routine. One of the workouts I did was a Jump Rope Circuit workout from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers. It was fun (as fun as working out at 5am can be Winking smile)  and it flew by!

This morning I was able to sleep in since I don’t work until tonight. I had all intentions of doing a workout I found on sweettoothsweetlife.com, called the “Feel the Burn Circuit Workout.” I did a bit of jumping rope and incline treadmill walking to warm-up and then started with the circuit workout, which was awesome but I  found out I was just NOT feeling working out this morning. My legs kind of felt like lead, and I realized I didn’t remember when I last took a day off. So I took Cooper for his walk instead! FYI* Click on the highlighted blue areas to take you to websites or workouts that I mention!

Before our walk I took a few pictures of the Spring flowers (crocuses) popping up in our yard. They are quite pretty and get me so excited for the warm weather to come!


While I was playing the photographer role Cooper was behind me protesting with his “Kong Wubba.” He gets super excited when he senses a walk on the horizon.


We were worried last night when Cooper seemed to be limping a little bit, his gait just looked off. After our walk today I’m pretty sure we were just imagining it. He seemed quite alright to me, bounding through the trees like a deer. We carried the Kong Wubba along for most of the walk, that way intermittent fetch sessions could break out at any moment.


I like to walk Cooper in the woods behind our house so he can run free without a leash. I am sure he runs twice the distance that I cover during these walks because he is constantly in and out of the woods, and all over the place. He loves it! The walk is around 4 km and takes us past a large group of tall trees, which I always think look kind of cool.


I’m thinking we may do some wedding photography in this area!

Now I’m off to shower & do a bit of housework before work tonight. I should also try to fit in a nap somewhere along the way. I have not had to work 2 nights in a row for about 18 weeks now (just finished up the team leader role). So, I’m wondering how my body is going to react to it! CLICK HERE for some tips for Nurses Working Nights that I found on nursetogether.com.


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