“That Woman”

Good evening!!

This morning I stuck to my guns and had a lovely Green Monster smoothie for breakfast. It included 1 tbsp ground flax, 2 large handfuls of organic spinach, 1 large banana, 1.25 cups of coconut milk and a handful of frozen blueberries (from last year’s garden!). It was delish! I found the coconut milk gave it a bit of a tangy taste. Does anyone else find coconut milk a bit tangy? This was my first box of it, maybe it was sour coconut milk? Hmm..

Coop and I went for another run/walk today. The run component was interrupted by another low bg, which I treated with glucose tabs and continued on at a walking pace. I need to get that pre-exercise routine figured out so my bg will stay stable, problem is I usually exercise differently each day.

I went to lunch with a friend and her new babe today. I’ll call her S. We ate at my fave hometown spot. It was delish as usual, and very busy! We both had a cheddar, apple, and ham focaccia sammy with a side Waldorf salad(both  faves). We had a lovely lunch, interrupted only briefly by “that woman.”

I will explain “that woman.” She is a bit on the loud side, utterly opinionated and eternally negative. Ever met someone like that?

I actually have no idea who she was, but she was in the booth next to us and a few of her comments were difficult to miss. To her friend across from her she said “So, how’s your A1C*?” “How’s your creatinine*?” and a slew of negative comments. Those with diabetes will understand how annoying the question “What is your A1C?” can be. Of course, from some people you do not mind this question (your doc, your diabetes educator, your manfriend, good friends) but when said with a certain tone it can be annoying. She may as well have said “So how is your control of your diabetes over the last 3 months?” or “How is that one number that doesn’t take a whole lot into account?” or “Please be aware that I am ready to judge your ability to care for yourself based upon your A1C”. She could have just simply said “how are you coping with your diabetes?” or “how do you find it affects your life” etc… something a little more meaningful than a single number. Whoa, that was a little diabetes vent fest.

*A1c = referring to a blood test that describes your average blood glucose control over the past 3 months 

*creatinine= a blood test that measures kidney function 

I finished painting our entry way wall this morning.



Quite bright eh?? Definitely goes with my blue obsession I’ve got going on right now. I don’t actually have that rocking chair, and stool crammed into the entry way. I just thought I would show some of the blue inspiration I had. I am also wearing a teal blue headband and there is teal in my shorts (just a side-note).

If anyone would like to purchase the lovely cushions in the background in the kitchen, on the wooden chair. Just e-mail me. They are yours—>free! 😀 I am planning on re-upholstering those soon!

Supper tonight included baked asparagus coated with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and parmesan chz, steamed broccoli, sweet potato fries with curry dip and pecan/maple chicken. It was great! I got the chicken recipe from my new Betty Crocker cookbook.


Finally, a few outdoor candids with Coop and Chester:

Reggie has been piling wood in our backyard (which I, of course, partially knocked over yesterday while trying to get a photo of a raccoon up a tree :S), and Cooper likes to take small pieces of this piled wood to use as sticks for chewing, fetch etc.


Chester likes to chew on the first few flowers coming up this Spring. Image



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