Workin’ on it

I “worked” on a lot of things today: Our wedding. Our home. My fitness, and the fitness of others. My last project today is this post, and then I’m going to “hit the hay” for the night (as my Dad would say).

This morning started with a workout from “The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises.” I chose to do the Wedding Workout, which has 2 phases to be completed over 8 weeks. I doubt I will stick to it as a strict program, but figured it seemed appropriate. The warm-up included 10 minutes of cardio followed by lunges, shoulder work, planks and medicine ball throw-downs. Fun stuff! I’m realizing I really love exercises that don’t seem like exercises, like throwing a medicine ball at the floor, or flipping a tractor tire. I did grow up on a farm after all.

My post workout blood glucose looked pretty damn good:

For those who don’t know, 4-6mmol\L is considered a normal blood glucose reading. I have difficulty gauging how much insulin to take/not take before, after and during a workout. It’s a work in progress. I’m also working on decreasing the amount of low blood glucose levels (bgs) I have. Low = <4mmol/L.

I had to work a bit today at the Cardiac Rehabilitation program. I work full-time in Intensive Care as an RN, and do a little on the side at Cardiac Rehab. The program helps to rehabilitate patient’s who have had heart attacks or other cardiac issues. I help out in the exercise portion, where the patients do some cardio and strength training. It’s nice to see patients that I’ve had in ICU back up and at it, pumpin’ iron at Cardiac Rehab. That type of progression is great for my job satisfaction.

After Cardiac Rehab I went on a mini-shopping spree; landing myself some new paint, wall decor, quilt comforters for our guestrooms and cookbooks. Yay for Home Depot, Winners and a little boutique called Anatolia. I have a definite soft spot for boutiques. “Soft spot” sounds better than “addiction”.

The paint color:

It’s by Behr paint and is called “Caribe”. In terms of colors, I’ve really been into blues and teals lately. I hope this color does not look absolutely insane on the door in our kitchen and on a small wall in our entry-way. It has to be better than the dusty rose color that precedes it. Right?

The new cookbooks:

I can’t help but feel a little Perez Hilton-like when I look at those sloppy red arrows I drew in there. The Betty Crocker Cookbook looks AWESOME. It is full of the down and dirty recipes you need to know how to make. Like “chocolate glaze” or “steamed clams”. The Vegetable Cookbook looks great too. I bought it mostly to entice myself to eat more veggies. More veggies, less carbs. More veggies, less carbs.

I finished the day (and shopping spree, eeekkk) at a Silpada Jewelry Party. Where I bought these lovely ladies:

Note: I do not usually refer to my jewelry as ladies. But pearls are just so feminine right?

I bought these specifically for the wedding day. I’m thinking they will go great with the dress. Should be receiving them in the mail in the next week!

I want to finish this post with 3 pics. First, a shot of Chester from earlier today while I was making lasagna (stuffed with a ton of spinach) for supper. He was sitting on the counter watching me prep the meal, looking oh so perplexed. When his ears and eyes go wonky like this I feel like it means he is confused, or thoughtful maybe.

And now, looking less wonky-eared, and more wise.

Secondly, here’s a beauty photo I took in the fall. Reg and I went for a fall walk and I wanted him to pose with the trees. Such a natural eh? He’s got that “far away look” down 🙂


6 thoughts on “Workin’ on it

  1. Hey Ciara, You had a very busy day an very productive! I am thinking an exercise program might just be in store for me as well. I have been swimming most everyday but that will end tomorrow as we are heading for home early Friday morning.

  2. Hey sista! Wow you did have a full, fun, and productive day! I think the paint colour will look awesome, the earrings will be perfect (you’re going to look stunning), the description of lasagna (stuffed with spinach) made my mouth water!, and the pics of chester and Reg made me smile :). School right now is soo busy.. but when April 20th hits… Im free to focus on exciting things, such as: wedding preparations, exercise, and my new summer job as a Sales Rep for Pepsico :D. I cant wait to come visit! I will know my entire summer work schedule as soon as
    Im done school..So hopefully Ill be able to make your NS bachelorette party! Anyways I should pay attention to my class lecture now… Keep the blogs coming!
    Miss you!!

  3. That Betty Crocker Cookbook is my everything! It’s the most used, go-to cookbook I have.
    I am also experiencing the gratifying feeling of painting over dusty rose.. I can’t wait to see it!

    • Ahhh..nothing better than covering dusty rose! Do you have any fave recipes from the Betty Crocker cookbook? I’m looking for something good for sup tonight for Reg and I!

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