The Sweatabetes Blues

Good morning all!

I woke up this morning to a sunny, but rather chilly day (about -4). It looked like a beauty day for a run though, so I planned on doing so for my morning workout. Today I finished off a box of organic oatmeal that I have been loving lately, with flavors like flax, apple cinnamon and multi-grain raisin. I am planning on making green monsters my go to breakfast for the next little while (green monster = smoothie with spinach in it). No worries, you cannot taste the spinach!


So I prepped for the run by eating my oatmeal and turning down the basal rate on my pump (the basal rate is the amount of hourly insulin I receive). I think I was a little too eager to get moving this morning, and didn’t wait long enough after eating before I exercised.

Before the run my sugar was:


Most of the run (turned run/walk) I felt pretty good, except maybe a bit sluggish from not waiting long enough after eating a bowl of oatmeal before running :S. Coop behaved himself for a bit before biting on the leash on and off.


Around the 5 km mark I started to feel a low blood sugar coming on. I treated with 4 glucose tabs. When I got home my glucometer revealed:Image

So I re-treated again with some yummy pineapple juice. I’m hoping I didn’t overdo it, leading to a high bg later on. Oh the trials and tribulations of sweatabetes. (Exercise for diabetics) 😉

I picked up some pine cones along the way today. I’ve been collecting for a while now to use as wedding decor. Image

That’s it for now. The rest of today is going to involve painting, organizing a guest bedroom and possibly a little workout out from my girl Jillian Michaels. My co-workers are starting to call me Jillian because I refer to her so much. What can I say? She’s motivational! Here’s the video I plan on doing:



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